Regarding Tom Hardy, My Boyfriend™


Watching Inception yesterday I just kept thinking I knew him from somewhere, and he was the villain in Star Trek: Nemesis.
@1 That's where I remember him. He's much hotter as a human.
Tom Hardy -> Shinzon -> Star Trek: Nemesis -> Revulsion, mixed with fanboy rage.
Tom Hardy's NSFW gold-painted marriage-faucet semi in "Bronson". Thank me later.…

He was a human. He was Picard's clone. He does look better with hair.
Ugh, Cillian Murphy is the Queen of Baby Women.
Cillian Murphy would be much higher (and present) on my list of imaginary boyfriends.
@7 my wife had a seizure when Murphy appeared on-screen.
LINDY I'M NOT SURE WE CAN BE FRIENDS ANYMORE. Leonardo DiCaprio is awesome and wondrous and all kinds of great right down to his bone marrow, which is probably made of gold. Kitten gold, forged by the most adorable kittens in a sunny village in Sweden, surrounded by fragrant wildflowers.

You're missing out.
Excuse me, Ma'am.
The line ends way back there around the block.
I just remember him on Star Trek having bad british teeth and a 2 pack a day voice.

Cillian Murphey=teh sex
@5 Oh, right. I forgot that part. I agree on the hair thing. He looked like a 12 yo bald twink in the movie, and that does nothing for me.
I won't be satisfied until you also say that Ellen Page is your boyfriend. Your pregnant boyfriend.
Um. I don't know about you, but Tom Hardy has been on my mind hardcore ever since I watched Inception. Have you seen him with his shirt off? Have you seen the pictures of him walking around with his manly chest and tattoos? I think in one Googled picture I saw--and I could be completely making this up-- but I thought I saw his package. And it seemed quite sizeable... At least this is what I fantasize. I mean everyone else, Leo, Cillian, Ellen-- they're nice-- if you go for that sort of thing. But I do love me a MAN.
Is that really a picture of Lindy West? Hubba hubba, as the kids say....
Who is that bitter drunk with Tom Hardy?
Part of the mind fuck of Inception was the conglomeration of boyfriend fantasies in one movie. I find Leo, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt all to be indescribably hot.
I'll think you'll find that Tom Hardy is MY boyfriend. Just to make you jealous, I am a Brit and my friend's father is an actor who worked with MY boyfriend, Tom Hardy on Bronson. She went on set one day and accidentally (hmm) walked in on MY boyfriend, Tom Hardy naked. Over a year on she's still wandering around with a dreamy look on her face.

We Brits have had him to lust after for years and years. Jealous much?

PS That ain't gold on him in Bronson.
Lindy, would you approve of Tom Hardy playing the part of Beau Biden in a made-for-lindy's-TV movie?
Lindy, I totally agree that Leonardo DiCaprio looks like a baby woman with a beard. Thank you.
That was funny.
Tom Hardy gave off that erotic, pansexual air in Inception, nicely coiffed and debonair but able to run around and blow shit up. So hot.
@20 - I'm pretty sure my other would agree with you both. I kinda do too.
If he actually ate meatball subs regularly, his body wouldn't look like that, would it? It would be round and pudgy. Three minutes into this fantasy relationship, and you're ALREADY TRYING TO CHANGE HIM!
@22 I totally agree! Especially when he said to Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character, "Don't be afraid to dream big, darling." Right before shooting an RPG. My slash-obsessed mind went crazy over that moment.

Also, Joseph G-L is totally my boyfriend for that awesome fight scene when the van is rolling over. I never thought he was hot until right then!
DiCaprio looks AND ACTS like a bearded babywoman.
I'm not even sure what that means, but it's true.
Tom Hardy is a truly great actor. If anyone is unsure of that, they can watch "Stuart: A Life Backwards."
Don't know if you know this but Tom actually has a LINDY tattoo as his agent is called Lindy King!
Don't know if you know this but Tom actually has a LINDY tattoo as his agent is called Lindy King!
Have any of you seen him in Wuthering Heights? He is gorgeous and scary and flat out amazing....
Not a girly-man.