AG McKenna Doesn't Clear Up Tunnel Cost Overrun Debate



Why in the world would a Republican be involved in this tax rape is beyond me.

I mean if McKenna has the energy to sue the Feds over health care, he should be screaming like a crazy man over this whole project!

Goes to show...there's only one party in Washington State -- the Party of the Insiders, who tax the Outsiders to keep them in their cups.

He basically just stood up and shouted from the Mountaintop:

"Yes, you have my blessings to pass a Tax upon every one of those Seattleites and by whip and force of gaol force them to pay $10,000 in ducats of gold unto Ceasar!"

That's every household.

Including renters.

Admit it Stranger staff. You find Rob McKenna cute just as you did with Scott Brown.