I'll Bring This Up at My Next Meeting With Mr. Keck


You got to admit, when those red state motherfuckers bring it, they bring it.
Wouldn't you rather just have a nice, big, fat raise?
And I thought flex time and being allowed to wear shorts and t-shirts to the office was awesome...
Bu - but, the belt buckle! It's an 'mukin flaaaaaaagggg!

Maybe if you all took turns with the belt buckle (and the prostitutes) it would pencil out.
Prostitution in Iraq and Afghanistan is maintained largely through human trafficking. Yet this schmuck sees this as a "legitimate business expense."
@ 6 - Brooks is getting his prostitutes from Afghanistan? Does he also write off the cost of the plane tickets?
@7, Given that his contracts are in Iraq and Afghanistan, I am assuming this is where he solicited his "business entertainment." This is not entirely uncommon among defense contractors.
What do you get the man who has everything?
Sex has many benefits, but productivity isn't one of them.
"His lawyers also defended the hiring of prostitutes for employees and board members, arguing in court papers that it represented a legitimate business expense 'if Mr. Brooks thought such services could motivate his employees and make them more productive.'"

Fucking awesome.

Actually, if the fines to the company are smaller than the profit in increased productivity, then the lawyers are not wrong. Of course, that's an affirmative defense, so they need to PROVE the productivity boost. And he can still be prosecuted under the anti-prostitution laws (I'm guessing that's better than embezzlement or fraud, though).

Of course, I'd be seriously sketched-out if my boss offered me prostitutes' services, particularly on the company's dime, and would blow the whistle until I was out of breath. Prostitution is all well and good, but without oversight/regulation (due to its generally-illegal status here in USA) it's a relatively high-risk way to get sex, especially when there's so much freer and safer sex to be had.
Sure--everyone loves the free prostitutes when times are good, but what happens when it's time to start cutting back?

"As a cost saving measure, we regret to inform our employees that the high-end prostitutes flown in from Dubai will now be replaced by hoes bussed in from Detroit. Additionally, the corporation will no longer provide free penicillin in the break room."
There's actually a clause now added to government contracts which is titled "Combating Trafficking in Persons" that prohibits not only slave labor but also corporate prostitution services.

Unfortunately, it's also worded so poorly that it is violated by a contractor whose employees, on their own time and money, utilize the services of legitimate, licensed sex workers in places where such activities are not illegal.