Who Should Dorsol Plants Run Against?


Gee, I hate all of them right now, it's so hard to chose but I picked Tom Rasmussen. I really hate his hair.
Wouldn't going after Burgess be the greatest guarantee of having the full weight (sorry) of the mayor behind the campaign?
Clark, Godden, Harrel and Rasmussen are all worthless. Nice folks, complete lack of leadership on the Council other than Burgess, and we definitely need a few more progressives on their to balance out some of his more 'law and order' ideas.

Clark is especially a disappointment. Land Use is one of the most important discussions we should be having, but the City, due to her total lack of leadership, has no vision, no overall policy, on land use.

Harrell and Godden are just jokes. I mean really, what are they even doing in politics.

Rasmussen didn't even show up to Pride. He's a good man, and completely ineffective.

But more than their complete ineffectiveness and lack of leadership on any big issues, they should be voted out because of their refusal to protect us from tunnel cost overruns.

This next election should be a referendum on the Tunnel and on vision. Let's get some people with some ideas they'll stand up for on the council. This council is LAME.
this is exactly in line with what i was thinking--burgess is definitely the worst, and (out of these five) harrell is my personal favorite. not for any reason in particular, i just find him likable for whatever reason
I voted for Richard Conlin.

Oh, wait, you mean we have to do a recall on him?
just a note, the 43rd Dems BBQ is this weekend - wonder which of these candidates will show up at Ravenna ....
@7 I know, I know, I know!!!

AND, I know that there are at least one or two or three City Council members that you can bid for lunch with at the silent auction on Saturday.

Or with Dreamy Pete.

Or with Larry Gossett

Or something even more awesome with Larry Phillips

OR...well, I don't want to spoil it any further.
Dammit, I have to say this.

"Dorsol Plants" sounds like a scientific term for an Ent's body part.

There, that's off my chest.
A thread full of people who have no clue to discern between publicity whores and effective leadership.

Harrell is the least productive of the Councilmembers up for vote. His connections in the 37th and with part of the Asian community are tight, but Dorsal starting early and with the right advisors could get it done.

Godden will retire and hand-pick Jessie. That would put Dorsal against Jessie. Dorsal should win hands down because he has the right skills and wants the job to do good whereas Jessie just wants a job. It would be a nasty, tough race and essentially come down to whether Seattle voters do their research or just vote on gender.

Tom is an enigma. His staff keeps his head above water and voters really like him one-on-one. The fact he's gay is a big political bonus. An effective campaign could be waged against him since he has done little that regular voters can identify. If Dorsal wants to run a campaign where he pins Rasmussen against road diets (which older voters hate) and not doing enough to protect bus service in Rainier Valley, he could do it. The problem is Tom is a money-raising champ (~$200,000 unopposed last time) and this type of campaign needs big bucks.

Tim and Sally are untouchable. All three will raise record money and non-Slog/Cola citizens happen to like what they've done with the place.
Jean Godden will be 80 years old next year. After reaching such a grand age, are we sure she's running for a 3rd term? I know I'd retire for sure, if I were in her shoes.
@8 I've always enjoyed lunch with Larry Gosset. It's great food, and he's always fun to lunch with.

Any last minute donations by Dorsol Plants for lunch or kite-flying with him?
Jean Godden's a civic embarrassment.
On the meat of the subject -

I wouldn't be surprised if Jean runs again, with Nickels no longer on the 7th floor.

It would be nearly impossible to beat Burgess, and would require a much higher caliber of candidate - one that would both be able to raise serious money, and take Burgess on on public safety, while still being able to be progressive.

Tom, as was pointed out, is well liked, hasn't done any harm, has great staff and constituent services, has ties with human services folks (in theory, Dorsol's base), and...well, for a newbie-transplant-West Virginian to run against the only gay man on the council...not sure how well that would go over.

Sally Clark is Sally effing Clark. Good constituent services, a real workhorse and, again, hasn't done anything wrong. Plus, being gay scores more political points.

Aside from the fact that he's a likeable guy, Bruce has one other thing going for him - he is the only racial minority on the council. If there was no other viable candidate in any other race who was of color, Dorsol would be stupid to run against Bruce.

It really boils down to Tim or Jean (or Jessie if Jean decides to retire). Either way, Dorsol goes in automatically as an underdog, and will have to go beyond curious candidate to serious candidate. There will be no accolades for a third place finish this time.
In the comedy race, I think he should run against Ventral Bush.
Tom is not vulnerable at all - in any possible match.

Labor likes him, LGBT would unite to back him, He has ties to council work going back 20 plus years to Jeanette Williams, he is an attorney, former stint as a prosecuting attorney ... the list goes on.

Dorsal needs to develop a real political career.... some serious resume. Is his middle name Darcy?
What a silly system. Why should there be a choice about who to run against? We should have a district-based system with REPRESENTATION of and ACCOUNTABILITY to full constituencies, not just interest groups. And we wonder why there is so little diversity on the council...
@16 lol. We've heard that before. I think an ex-mayor of ours tried that ... in fact, a whole bunch of ex-mayors ...
@13 nails it. I suspect she'll retire, and with the departure of McIver, she's the worst Council member. Plants would have the best shot at an open seat. The only really awful one of these five is Burgess, and that may require a stronger challenger than Plants.
But if Godden does run, it'd be perfect for the 26 year old Plants to challenge the dowdy old Godden. Remember Obama-McCain? Or Clinton-Dole? Or Clinton-Bush? When there's a generational choice, Americans almost always pick the young guy.
@20 except for VP.
Godden is the obvious choice. She's 120 years old. If she retires, he runs for an open seat. If she runs again, she's definitely the most vulnerable on the list.

I'm not a fan of any of them, but I don't think he has a realistic chance trying to unseat anyone besides Godden.
@22 that was before the Billionaires Tunnel.

Now they all have targets on their head for the most part.
The lowest re-election numbers last time was not Conlin, or any of the others, but Licata defending his chair from a 1st timer.

I think Jessie Israel would run to replace Godden if Godden chose not to run, with Godden's support.

When Burgess makes the mistake, that he thinks he could be elected mayor, Plants should run for that seat.
Harrel should be given credit for showing independent thinking with his vote on the panhandler statue. His no vote was the real key as I think he is generally considered more moderate but he made the tough call and voted against what might be considered his natural constituents. If you don't think it was a tough call, go back and look at the way the Sea Times savaged him after that vote.
Dorsol's OK. He's no Christal Wood, but he's OK.
Christal Wood is a friggin insane nutbag. I'd avoid her at family functions if I were related to, which thankfully I'm not.
Godden would be the obvious choice for Dorsol to run against--nice lady, but I think the train has left the station, two beers short of a six pack.
Whoa, jonSM99. I'm flattered to have gotten in the picture somehow, but I doubt you know me like that. If you have a personal or political issue (or just a sore debate loser) feel free to bring it up on my facebook page and we can discuss it. Pax.

Christal Wood, J.D.

P.S. As for next year's City Council incumbents, nice to hang with, but most need to go.