Longer Rossi: Repeal Health Care Reform and Financial Reform, and Replace Them With... ???


"tax increase alone cost the Boeing company in my state $150 million"

A very clever way of saying, "Boeing had to close their $150 million subsidized loophole."

Also, agreed, Eli. This clown makes zero sense on both of these points.
I think he already stated he's for a Third War of Republican Foreign Adventure in Iran, right?

No strategic interest for the US in that, either.
Like when that dumbass the ran James Donaldson's campaign picked a fight with you guys...hilarity ensued!

Oh so he is far right after all.
It's a trick. Get an axe.
It's very clear - he wants to pass those reforms "that actually protect the public". You know, those ones over there on the table. Because obviously the other side just wants to destroy jobs and the rest of the state economy.

Ugh - I'm glad I'm on this side of the Pacific...