For Those Who Live To See the Year 2181


Please provide your proof that gorillas, chimps and bonobos do not "have a single idea what space is." I find it presumptuous to assume that they do not. Have you ever asked them? I thought not . . .
Sorry, but I was too busy trying to teach my dog to climb trees to read this.
1 - FTW. Humans speaking for primates--not to mention cetaceans and other 'intelligent' animals--seems speciesist at best.
Dogs flew spaceships!
I really liked this post. Here I was, thinking about work: contracts, webinars, time zones... and now I'm thinking about apes and space. Much nicer.
"So long, and thanks for all the fish."

(oh, and isn't 9am a bit early to get baked? this same topic could have been placed on almost any of today's news stories: Dogs are unable to comprehend the intricacies of how Taylor Momsen could buy a vibrator before she's 18, and never will.)
I don't really think we have the ability to "enter" our fellow creatures minds. Not yet. Or at least, not the majority of the population (excepting the possibility that some psychic/empathic people can actually connect with other creatures' minds).

Besides, my ancestors are from the Dog Star, and you probably don't even know where your father is.