The $69 Hot Dog


Sounds heavenly. I would actually seriously consider spending $69 on that.
Another expensive food trend reaches its zenith.
I don't know, I dropped $130 at Morton's for a steak (yeah, and some drinks and shit too) over the weekend. What's the difference?
$69 dollar hotdog and they put ketchup on it? WTF? Granted it's "heirloom tomato ketchup", but still. The Pretzel bun seems like a good idea though, pretzels and hot dogs are two things that go well with mustard. I wonder how much Hot Doug's charges for their foie gras dog?
Fnarf's gonna blow his lid when he sees that they put ketchup on it.
"Yeah, and some drinks and shit too"

I should hope so, 5280. I bet whatever steak you had was higher quality than whatever is going in that hot dog. I mean, unless they're processing the dogs from prime grade ribeye themselves (and it looks like a regular footlong Hebrew National, or some other supermarket brand), then dressing it up in truffles isn't going to make it better.
@5, at this point I don't really care. That thing, whatever it is, ain't no hot dog. Stunt food is exempt from all laws of human decency.
this reminded me of... CHEEZE BALLIN'!!!
I loves me some truffles when I've been fortunate enough to have them...but on a regular old hot dog? No, thanks.

And anybody who has $69 to piss away on a hot dog in this economy? He should choke on that motherfucker.
not okay
One thing... Po Dog isn't upscale. It's masquerading as upscale. I'd eat there if they took pride in what they offer, but the hot dogs are garbage grocery store dogs and severely overpriced. OK, I'm done.

A-fucking-men. Nice folks, but they should and will fail (at least in the U-District, where people expect quality and value rather than a trendy dining experience).