Obama Coming to Seattle to Help Murray


Actually, he's here for Suzie Sherry's picnic at KC Dems. Sometimes, a guy just likes to go home, hang out with his buds, and share a few brews.

You can enjoy the summer too - just come to Ravenna Park on this Saturday from 11a - 3p and the 43rd Dems have a picnic with lots of people like our favorite "No More War Taxes Bring Em Home" Congressman Jim McDermott. Suggested donation $20 but there are specials that let you combine it with a membership for less.

Julie Edwards confirmed Obama visit to other news organizations early on Tuesday afternoon.
@2: Earlier than 1:28 PM yesterday afternoon? (Which is the time stamp on the Times post.) If so I'll happily update.
I don't understand - Mr. "Fox Says 'Jump' and I Ask 'How High'?" is supposed to help Murray?
Can I hope that some of my LGBT brothers and sisters will infiltrate the event and loudly confront him on DADT and DOMA? In other words, ZTMFA!
Murray's Ass is Toast....
@5 kind of doubt it. Most of them are too busy volunteering for the event to keep nutjobs out like @6.
after the democrats have dropped every promise to the gays, I'm not sure I'm going to vote. I'd never vote for Rossi mind you, but I'm not really motivated to support anyone.
@8 because if you do that and the republicans win, its going to get even worst for gays. Obama and the Democrats haven't dropped anything, they are just moving slowly.