In the Senate Race, a Contest for Who Loves Boeing Best


Comrade Rossi has already said he won't take earmarks, and will help destroy Boeing for his Russian Socialist masters.

No takebacks, Dino the Dinosore.
So "Progressive" Patty is trumpeting the fact that she's in bed with a huge warmongering corporation. Is it because they give $1000 gifts to her underpaid staff?

Earmarks are inherently corrupting. Murray plays a cynical game of money-centered, money-driven, money-focused politics. WA can do better.
You know, if we had government health care, Boeing would save BILLIONS by not having to provide it themselves, or the vast army of HR drones they employ to move the paperwork. Employer-paid health care is like a 40% tax credit on wages given to every country on earth except us.

If Boeing ever goes anywhere, it'll be to Canada.
@3 dang, I hate when Fnarf is right. But he is.
Patty Murray had the chance to vote for single payer health care. She voted against it, and she won't say why. How does OHIO have a better senator than Washington?