RIP George the Roving Cat of Broadway


rip george
he was a lovely boy. used to see him at vivace. very affectionate and sweet. i'll miss you, georgie boy.
I loved George, we referred to him as the cow cat. He was such a sweet boy, and always willing to take all the love I was willing to dish out. RIP, puss.
First Meinert turns CHBP into a mega-festival, then the 500 block of E Pine gets demolished, then Slats kicks it, and now this?

@ 5, what do you mean? Cats can get diabetes too. My own 15 year old cat has it.
Geez, it's a fucking cat. Get a life.
15's a pretty good old age for a cat, but do you think it might've lived longer if people hadn't been feeding it whatever crap they had when they went by?
He was a good kitty, I was very concerned the first time I came across him but some fellow pedestrians told me his story then I noticed nearly every passerby knew his name and said hello...pretty awesome.
R.I.P. Georgie Boy, There'll not be another like you in our time.

(Struggling against giving in to this 'a little piece of the Hill dies every day' feeling I've had for a while now... There's nothing so constant as change, I know, I KNOW.. but still...)
Here's a picture of George in his natural habitat…

Sleep tight
RIP George. You were there when I was looking at the apartment I eventually moved into. I took it as a GOOD SIGN that there was a friendly, tuxedo-kitty much like my own. You will be missed, dear boy.
aw. r.i.p. george.

always assumed a car, not chronic illness, would be culprit.
George was awesome. Goodbye, friend.
@10, Capitol Hill died in 1981. Long live the Hill.
I never met George despite spending time on Broadway for 10 years. I don't know how this is possible but now I am very sad that I didn't because he's adorable and sounds like the best cat ever (no offense to my own).
I lived off Broadway for four years before I finally ran into George. Poor guy. But there are, strangely, still lots of free range kitties on the Hill.
We should paint a little picture of George somewhere near his usual hangout spots. On the wall or sidewalk or something.
@ 15 - Well, then, I guess I'm missing a corpse, 'cause I didn't make it to these shores until 1986.

Every time George ran up to me for pets, I forgot the last time we met and tried to find his owner. Then George would run away & the Vivace-cart crowd would set me straight.

@18 - I'm really into the idea of a George stencil on the sidewalk. <3
I remember that cat. His life was never the same when they closed that hair salon. He looked sadder and shabbier every time we saw him, and I thought it was just grieving and loss, but it must have been his illness.
RIP George.
Aw, my condolences.
I loved that kitty. No one speak to me the rest of the day, please.
Wait, does that mean you all killed him with your people food for 15 years?
I never met George despite my many travels on Broadway. Another Cap Hill icon gone. RIP kitty. :(
I grocked that cat.
That cat definitely came at my dog often
I fucking hate all animals but this news actually really saddens me. He was a sweetie.
George was a badass in a tux.
i once picked him up thinking he was lost. he instantly tooted it smelled like eggs. king george was a badass
George was a class act. I was sure crossing broadway would get him in the end, but he seemed to have 25 lives. RIP - what a guy!
George had more class than 90% of the population. He was sophisticated, loved and a gentleman. He enjoyed every afternoon socializing on broadway. People glorify his 'chiling on cars', but he also had casual life underneath them. He hated dogs. I heard he was attacked by a dog and got really skinny in his last days. I did not know he had diabetes, but now i suspect that his condition was made worst after the attack. It would be nice to verify the attack. Either way, he was cool, i miss him.
I have known George the cat for 10 years. I like many people tried to find his home and return him to his family only to have folk tell me he lives off BW and has a home and this is his daily routine. 15 years is a good life for a diabetic cat living off Broadway handouts. Sure George hated dogs what cat would? Broke my heart to see him crying outside Hair Connection when they closed.…
R.I.P buddy..
George the cat was an icon. Lovable, furry, warm, chubby and very, very cool. I know he enjoyed people, and they enjoyed him and the whole thing just oddly worked, traffic and all.
I loved the guy, he was one of a kind. And Broadway in front of Vivace will be emptier and a but poorer now that he is gone. Miss you, dude, see you again when I get there.....
When I first met himI thought he was lost. I called the phone number on the tag and got an answering machine. After seeing the address was relatively close, I picked him up and carried him to his house. Imagine my surprise when he ran inside through a cat door ! He wasn't lost, he was free to come and go as he pleased !