iPad Users Sue Apple Because the iPad Is Not "Just Like Reading a Book"


Ironic, Apple wants people to be outside in parks reading ebooks, to show off how cool and trendy it is. But you cant do that in the summer. If your not in the shade, you risk damage to the unit. So basically, "you're reading it wrong!".

As for the magazines subscriptions, this dispute, all that's going to do is push Developers closer to Android, which you don't need a Marketplace to install apps.
I'm suing SLOG cause it's not All The Gay News All The Time.
I'm suing Apple because I can't dip my iPad in caramel and eat it.
@1: I think developers are going to continue to create apps for profitable devices. This frivolous suit seems to be unrelated.

I'd also like to point out that I was thrilled when the iPod came out - my records stopped melting in the sun when I played them in the park in the summer.
Too funny. People are getting all worked up over absolutely nothing. And yet, nobody seems to mind that most of the iPhone and iPad apps they've downloaded can access their address book, e-mails, text messages, photographs, and web history - and share that information with anybody they Goddamned want to.
I tried to throw my Verizon 3G iPad at Fnarf, but it didn't hit him the way it would hit a mewling cat.

Time to sue Apple!
The publishers inability to fully embrace digital media proved by this quote:

... it's going to need to embrace at least in part the existing model.

No, Gizmodo, it actually doesn't need to embrace a damn thing. Just like newspapers need to figure out a way to adapt to compete with (or utilize) the internet, magazines will need to learn to adapt to digital media as well.

Wired already has a pretty sweet monthly magazine on the iPad that is innovative and fun to read.
in other news: i can't believe it's not butter sued for not being actual butter!
iPad is like a book.

A $750 dollar book.

Sitting in the sun in a park can in no way compare to storing an iPad in a car on a sunny day.
I tried to use my new iPad as a boat anchor and my boat drifted away.

And then I found a truckload of Kindles and used that instead.

Thanks, Amazon! finally found a use for the Kindle!
The iPad is so last week...

I'm eagerly anticipating Apple's next product that will make us all redefine the way we think about thinking.
You mean the iBand?

I thought that was still secret ...
I wanted to love Steve Jobs, I really did, but I ended up hating him.
I downloaded a coloring book, but I can't color in it. I'm suing!