Judge Susan Bolton Blocks the Most Odious Parts of Arizona Immigration Law


No doubt, get some popcorn, sit back and view the hateful comments on freerepublic. The crazies are pissed and its funny.
The video is interesting but that kind of thing has gone on in Arizona since way before this law was passed. For example between Nogales (border) and Tucson, I have been through those 'checkpoints' every time, since 1996. This is about far more than what the video shows.
This guy has been through those checkpoints, too, and I think they're getting tired of him.


Thank God for him, though, and this "kid."
Here's an idea...gather all the US citizens who want to and storm the Mexican border then carry signs and flags and demand that they allow us to stay even though we don't have the "right" to be there. Here's a better idea: everyone who thinks illegals should have every right to be here in spite of not following protocol just head on into Mexico without your papers and see what happens. You will learn quickly how they feel about and treat illegals. And it won't be pleasant. It's a slap in the face of every person who has legally entered this country (particularly all those souls that came through Ellis Island in the early days of our country), spent the time and money to be here, and spent the time and effort to become a citizen to say that Arizona is doing anything wrong by simply enforcing laws already on the federal books. No one yelled when Missouri passed a similar law two or three years ago. I was born and raised in the US but I show my "papers": to get a job (I also give my fingerprints, have my background checked and get drug tested), write a check, use my credit card, if I'm pulled over for a traffic violation, get a loan, etc. But Arizona can't ask illegals for "papers?" How stupid is that? Are those of you upset with Arizona not ever asked to show yours? If so I'd like to know how you get away with it. Maybe I should start yelling that my rights are being infringed for having to do it, but frankly, I'd rather know that someone is making sure some ass isn't using my identity than not show my "papers". Don't get why anyone should be upset that illegals be asked for the same. Ridiculous.
"And it won't hurt his support among Hispanics which, while still strong, has dipped."
Argh. Obama's support among Hispanics has dipped about as much as it has dipped among the general population. In other words, meaningless.
@4: It's not about the illegals. It's about the legal brown people who would be subjected to unfair treatment under the provisions of this law and the racist attitudes of some law enforcement personnel.
There are legal brown people? Maybe where you live. . . .
arent those guys border patrol? i dont think theyre AZ cops. if so, i think border patrol can stop you near the border. hell, they always stopped me.

anyway, good news from the judge. good news for the country. and good news for a lot of arizonans. it is a signal to other states who are considering these backward tea party sponsored laws.

ps if a brown person mouthed like that to a cop or a border patrol agent, they would do a rodney king on us so fast is not even funny.

im just saying. recognize the privelege.

Well, for one thing, we don't do whatever stupid shit you did to make the cops pull you over in the first place...
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