Make Way for Thirteenthers


No shit. We should have enacted a presidential IQ test requirement.
Do they not know the difference between Nobel and noble?
How is the Nobel Prize a title of nobility? Do they think since the name of the prize is Nobel that it is somehow a royal title? ARE THEY THAT FUCKING STUPID?????

As someone else said in another thread, that is 10 pounds of crazy in a 5 pound sack.
The best part is, I'm pretty sure that they'll have to get 2/3 of the current 50 states we have today, not the 20 or so they had 200 years ago.

Also, I think the ex post facto clause would prevent this from applying to a sitting president. But I'd have to see what the amendment actually says.

Anyway, you got 12 states, boys. Only 26 (including Iowa) to go!
Their copy of the amendment reads "title of Nobelity". Damn typos!
Oh, wait, I just read about how these guys believe this amendment WAS ratified, but some conspiracy of lawyers and bankers (who, being members of international organizations, were all therefore ineligible to be president per this amendment) who buried and and claimed it wasn't ratified.

Well, these are the same kooks who claim the income tax amendment wasn't actually ratified by some state, therefore income tax is illegal and has been since they started collecting it.

Yes, I'm afraid they may in fact be exactly THAT stupid...
I hear Jean Godden is a Thirteenther.

Cause she thinks Seattle Citizens are her serfs - or slaves - not the Masters.
Hahahah! If I wasn't laughing so hard I might be impressed by their irrepressible, creativity and ingenuity....
"Thirteenthers" must make a pretty neat whistling sound said through missing teeth.
No, "we" did not go to Michael Moore movies. Hate.
Why don't they just try to pass an amendment that says black people can't be president? That's what they really want to do anyway.
Fifty-Two-Eighty FTW
I vote we declare the South a No Brains zone.

And let loose the zombie hordes.
Like many godless foreigners, I think your Mr. Obama is pretty cool (except for his recalcitrance on the DADT thing - wtf, dude?). That said, I and most other people I know thought that he should have politely declined the Nobel. He has done nothing in particular to deserve it, and it could even end up being something of a jinx, like getting someone's name tattooed in big gothic script on your arm. On the first date.
/ROFL> sometimes when I think people have shown their level of stupidty to the depths possible, someone always delivers more (or less, depending on how you look at it)
But of course! Why would Americans want any person who was honored in the fields of physics, chemistry, physiology/medicine, literature or peace with the most prestigious award in the world to ever be a politician?

@4: ex post facto only applies to criminal law. Other kinds of law can be retroactive. Which not to say that these people aren't bat shit crazy.
Oh dear God, can we PLEASE introduce a basic IQ test before people are allowed to vote? These fucking lunatics can vote. If that doesn't scare you, it should.
@15, Iowa's in the midwest, not the south. Jesus.
@15 There is a flaw in your proposal -

The stated food of choice for zombies is said to be brains.

If you "declare the South a No Brains zone" then release the zombie hordes the zombies will hunt everywhere but the South.

Better to declare the South as a place where there are plenty of brains that have never been used. Only the freshest brains, uncluttered by pesky facts and all that troubling 'learning', for our zombies.
@22 see, kill two birds with one giant washed-on-shore oil blob.
Hey, while amazingly idiotic, I say these people should totally go for it! Let 'em waste their time and energy on pointless efforts. Encourage them. Give them more pointless things to do! Keep running in circles, little ones!

I swear, that in this country so many people can get worked up and actually organize over the most dumfuk things, yet when it comes to something important, like, oh I dunno, starting an illegal war or two, sowing chaos in the middle east, and allowing corporations to "regulate" themselves straight into ecological and economic disasters... we can't seem get the organizational power to push a Yugo down the street.

I am not a lawyer, but isn't that why we have Art I, SS 9? Doesn't it deal with this exact issue and get around it by saying "if congress ok's it, you're fine?" so that the underlying issue is addressed (understand these people do not care about the original intent and just want him out of office, but...).

It seems amusing there is something dealing with this in the original document they say is just so, so perfect but that they'll overlook that when "one o' THEM" is in office.
Do they think that Laureate is some kind of title of nobility? Shouldn't we tell them it's not? It seems mean not to. They are so totally showing their underpants in public. . .
This is one of the funniest things I've heard of all day, I'm not kidding. A lot of these Obama haters are despicable but shit like this cracks me up to no end!

Surprised there was no related mention of the 'tenthers'…
@28: And wearing them on their heads, too.
Take a moment out of your day and think about Obama addressing the nation "Well shit. I guess you guys got me - good call on that one. Tell you what, I'll step aside, special election, Biden in charge blah blah blah. Sneaky sneaky you guys are!"
But then all us commie liberals would have to do is get our socialist comrades in some European country grant a damehood on Sarah Palin and poof -- no more candidate!
Yaaay! These people need to keep this up! More conspiracy theories, more groups, more organizations! This is the easiest way to get rid of all of them, tire them out so they GO AWAY.