Another Hit Against Supreme Court Justice Jim Johnson


So THAT'S what all those people in suits were doing. About a week ago I saw a bunch of suits and a camera crew in front of an office building near 34th and Phinney in Fremont. Glad to know they're working to defeat a bigot like Johnson.
You know campaigns against people can sometimes backfire. Uninformed voter walks into the booth, sees two names. One he doesn't know, and one he kinda remembers hearing about on TV. Too easy for him to get votes that way.
@1 that was me.

@2 thats why we should contribute to Stan Rumbaugh
Thanks, I was reviewing candidates and found this video, so now I knwo for sure I will vote for Jim Johnson base only on the fact he supports Tim Eyeman and lower taxes....Thanks again!!
This was a great site to determine who I am placing my vote for. If the Stranger wants Stan Rumbaugh, then I want Jim Johnson. After all, I believe communism is pure evil, and the Stranger oozes pure evil on a daily basis. Thank you for making my decision easy, commies.