Thank the Gods for the 9.5% Unemployment Rate


You're forgetting that

The top 20% of Americans give a shit.
The next 20% rarely give a shit.
The next 20% don't know what shit is.
The next 20% shit when told.
The bottom 20% don't know they can shit.

Try to guess which side is better at manipulating the bottom 60%, because they have zero qualms about lying to everyone, unlike the other side, which has things like ethics?
#1, you didn't just suggest that Democrats have ethics, did you? Mind you, I'm not arguing that Republicans do, but to suggest that Democrats have ethics is just silly and easily demonstrated to be completely false.
Keynes ftw!

By the way, did you know Congress still issues H1-B visas for FOREIGN workers to displace AMERICAN workers?
@2 all the pols are dirty in some way or they wouldn't get to be pols; it's the nature of the beast. But overall, based on the positions they stand for? The Dems have the Repubs beat on ethics like Tyson had McNeeley beat: utterly and totally.
@4, your boxing analogies don't really matter to the innocent terrorism suspects who Obama wants to remain in detention indefinitely, or to gays and lesbians who Obama doesn't think should be allowed to be married, or to the government whistle-blowers who Obama wants to prosecute (much more than Bush did and while ignoring the crimes committed by the Bush administration), or the family members of the civilians in Afghanistan who are being blown to pieces and burned alive for no practical or strategic reason other than to prevent Republicans from calling Obama a "cut-n-runner" in 2012.

People vote for Democrats because they only do 90% of the evil things that Republicans would do. Along with the fact that they've worked with Republicans to make it much harder for third party candidates to run for office, that's why Democrats know they can get away with doing evil things. Because people actually think a person who lies half the time and kills 10 people is a good choice compared to a person who lies three fourths of the time and kills 15 people.

Unemployment chart for Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama…

I disagree. This is temporary relief.…

Sure, I don't doubt the "economic stimulus" was necessary but not heroically necessary. It is costing us (and our children's children) enormously. And, America is still in decline with or without it. This reference is merely a silver lining. It is pretty bad out there. Quite frankly, I don't know of any solution on either side of the ideological divide.

What's clear to me is the GOP will gain in November. At the end of the day, Americans vote their pocketbooks, for better or for worse. We'll see come this Nov.
Gain what?

More cash from their comrades in China, lark?