The Most Caffeinated City in the U.S.A.


Oh my god, NO WAY. Holy crap, you guys, that's...
...not news.
Those stupid slideshows are a way for them to get the most ad revenue they can and are a shitty way to actually consume media content. It is the same thing when a web page has multiple "pages" in an article despite the web not having pages that need turning.

Kudos to The Stranger for doing it right. Articles, even feature length, should be a single page that is easily scrolled through and searched. The old media wonder's why they are dying and nobody seems to care.
I work tech support for a security company, most of the people calling me are wire techs installing the equipment in the field.

#1 most heard response from a wire tech in the field ...?

"Woah woah woah! Slow down there chief!", Tech
"Hey man, your calling Seattle, I breath in caffeine while I sleep", Me

I never get that response from people calling in on the West Coast USA. Even Hawaiians, who often talk slow, have no problem understanding me. East Coast folks must move in speeds of slow and stop.
@3 Funny. When I moved here from Michigan, I thought you guys talked slow, in comparison to me.

/I still get "Slow down there" from the locals.
Eh. Coffee makes me sleepy.
I don't know how San Diego could be #12. I was there this Spring and it felt like I was always looking for a coffee shop. I'm used to thinking, "I want coffee," and then choosing between the various places within eyesight. Maybe I was in the wrong places.
I'm surprised Denver beat SF.
@2 ftw. I hate those things.
@7: I'm not. Clearly you've never been to Denver.
@2: This. I hate agreeing with Will, but I hate page-per-paragraph more.
I'm surprised Anchorage didn't make the list. Drive through Espresso joints everywhere, and you get a quad shot unless you ask.
Hooray, Seattle won!! Seattle. Fucking. Rules!!!

Forgive me, I'm on a bit of a pro-Seattle kick after an awesome party weekend. Turns out Seattle can fucking bring it.
OMG! Caffeine causes homosexuality. It must. That really sounds like a list of gay friendly cities.
@13 Twinks love the tweak?
They should give us a free Starbucks frosty mocha for watching the slideshow.

Or the passkey so we can turn off the sprinklers at Frank's house.