President Obama Hops on the Interwebs


Anyone watch Jimmy Fallon last night?

In the monologue, he actually made an anti-Obama joke!

Something on the order of "says his one week vacation to Martha's Vineyard is the longest he's taken since getting into office...that's ok...wait until he sees the long vacation voters have planned for him in two years!"

Truly amazing since it is from (a) an ex-SNL member and (b) on the "Democrat" network, NBC. Both have been rabidly humorless when it comes to jokes about the President which aren't fawning or obsequious.

It kind of reminds me of when Johnny Carson first started making Nixon jokes. At that was over!

As I recall, back in 2008, you posted several hundred comments asserting that Obama could never get elected President.

You were wrong then, you're wrong now and you'll be wrong two years from now.
Some trolls are left-wing as well, Paul. You really should learn to be more equitable.
Obama's opening "Hello Everybody!" reminded me of Dr. Nick from The Simpsons
I love a prez who's clearly comfortable with his Macbook!
Nice to know he's spending time on this and not, oh, passing climate legislation.

It's not that I don't think this is cool and probably helpful for a lot of people...but still.
like, omg the president has the same computer as me and just gave me the surreal experience of um.. getting a brief computer tutorial from an American president.

it's funny that he says 'thanks' at the end. shouldn't we be thanking him?
Execs in Cupertino are very happy to see him using a Mac while execs in Redmond are pissed off as hell. That's my guess

So you're saying I didn't watch Jimmy Fallon last night?

I know it's hokey, but it still makes me incredibly happy that we have a president who knows how to use a computer and is excited about explaining concepts in complete, grammatically-correct sentences.
@10, I really do understand the feeling, but, for me, it would be even cooler if he would explain in complete, grammatically correct sentences why he thinks the U.S needs to continue the policies that are killing Americans and innocent men, women, and children in Afghanistan, why homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to marry, and why terrorism suspects deserve to be detained indefinitely.

That would make me incredibly happy.
"Hey hey BHO how many kids have you killed today?"

Doesnt' quite work like it did with LBJ...

But yeah, it's cool he can use a computer. Not so cool that he's doing this as opposed to ending the two wars he oddly has the power to end, passing a strong climate bill, or hell...GIVING THE RICHEST NATION ON EARTH SINGLE PAYER UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE SO I WOULDN'T NEED TO FUCK AROUND ON A DAMN WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!
Oh I forgot, the definition of a "troll" is someone who does not share your views, opinions etc. On the internet instead of agreeing to disagree and having a semi-literate discussion it is apparently appropriate to drop the troll bomb, or the Nazi bomb or any variety of punch lines bombs to "win" the debate.
I guess in part two he'll show us how to sign up for a death panel online, right?