Kindle Price Cuts Keep Coming


When I Am King, all prices will end in either zero or five, and the penny will be abolished.
To prove your point Paul, I placed a pre-order on the $139.00 Kindle today at Amazon. The price I was waiting for happened.

And to be honest i like the iPad (as a cool toy) but it's too expensive and kinda big to use it the way I would as primarily an ebook reader.
How impatient a person would you have to be to require a 3G Kindle? I just don't associate book reading with 100% connectivity.

$99 would be a good price. Take a hit on the hardware, get people into the library. It's worked well for game console makers.
I wish it supported EPUB format, since that's what libraries use for lending e-books.
The Kindle hardware is a red herring. Now that Amazon has realized it can sell eBooks to be read on iPad, computers, or laptops, it can concentrate on the profitable end of the business.
Kindle sold as many in 2 years as Apple sold iPads in 3 months.

Epic Fail on Kindle's part. They can't even give them away.
Will is wrong as always. While neither company is releasing sales figures, according to most experts, the Kindle has probably sold more units than the iPad. IPad might catch up by the end of the year -- or might not, with the new pricing.
Id buy one for my 78 year old dad if they offered a cheaper 10" Unit. But all I see are 6" models.

Id then spend a few days at or whatever and fill up that 4 gb with tons of books he'll spend the rest of his short life reading.
They should "give it away" with the purchase of x number of e-books. You would see the flying out of the warehouse.
I have an iPad and like it, but thanks to its nonreflective screen the Kindle is far and away a superior to iPad in terms of simply reading text. The "free" 3G everywhere makes it even more attractive, particularly at such a low price point.
"They can't make the Kindle much slimmer without turning it into a foldable piece of paper with e-ink (which would be maybe the coolest gadget ever" .

They purchased a company out of New York that has this and in color. Just sayin'.