Lunchtime Quickie: Why Dogs Are Still Cooler Than Cats


People hold silly poses to achieve strength and improve their concentration. Dogs hold silly poses to get food. Coooool.
kinda wish I was on drugs when I first saw this.
My cats could totally do that. They just refuse to be enslaved for my entertainment.
Wrong! That dog is being all obedient. This cat is badass:…
My cat can open doors, even if they are latched; he can turn doorknobs! And one time, when he accidentally got locked out of the house, he ripped a chunk out of the wooden doorframe trying to get back in.
Clearly, cats do not fuck around.

@4: Roomba Cat is Ceiling Cat's holy prophet, sent down from the ceiling (aboard his mighty mechanical steed) to bring lulz to us all.
here it is in animated gif form: