The O'Brien Amendments (Or, Five Things He Wants the Council to Consider Before Pushing Ahead With Seattle's Big Dig)


well, at least one council member cares about Seattle citizens and the $10,000 per household the Billionaires Tunnel proponents are trying to stick us with.

1. $205 million for transit improvements - we need a check, not a promise.

2. State leg cost overrun law - before we sign must be removed.

3. Got 50,000 extra vehicles dumped on downtown (not counting diverted traffic due to $5 each way tolls)? yeah, where's the study - where's the federal EIS for the extra particulate pollution impact? or carbon impact?

4. Port $300 million. Again, we need the check, not the promise. Cash in hand.

5. The risk factors are off the charts. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you. LYING. NOT TELLING THE TRUTH. A BIG FAT LIE. A NOT TRUTH. period.
I can't believe some reporter tried to ask a stern question of our hero. What terrible J-school teaches that sort of practice?
I greatly fear that common sense will not win out in this instance.

It certainly seems to be taking a beating in all these 'debates' lately.
Way to go Mike!