The New Project Runway Promo Completely Rips Off the Dexter Intro


I, for one, am excited about Season 8 of PR. (squeee!)

Who is this 'Dexter'? Is he a phone book, mayhaps??
A serial killer amongst Project Runway. That would be the bestest season EVER!!!

"No, your fashion sucked this week. It may fool the judges, but it doesn't fool me."

*fantasizes about the designers waking up in a room, saran wrapped, and surrounded by their fashion mistakes*
Project Runway started to suck around season 4 and season 5. Now, I think only middle aged gays watch it and their overweight fag hags.
I thought the same thing about the commercial: "oh my god, that looks just like Dexter!" But then "Dexter" himself does Dodge commercials using his serial killer voice, so there is enough cognitive dissonance to go around. Most of my (unfat, unhaggy) girlsfriends watch Project Runway, btw.
I thought of that IMMEDIATELY when I saw it! Either it's ripped off or the same guy did it? Crazy?!?!
Did it occur to you that the same director did both openings? Eh, eh?