The Morning News: The End of the Oil Spill in Michigan, The Resurrection of Rick's, The End of the Recession and the Recovery at the Same Time?


Robert Gates is hardly one to talk about blood on someone else's hands.
"The White House calls for an end to people leaking papers, saying that the founder of WikiLeaks already has blood on his hands."
Right, because having blood on your hands is something the U.S. Government really can't stand by.
Bob Davis wants to reopen Rick's?

And here, I thought he was furiously working hard to try to reopen Giggles Comedy Club (after his original "under new management" grand reopening didn't take earlier this year.)

Guess his business plan is: "Titties before Titters."
haha, #1 - you beat me to it!

Also, I love how the article just says "The classified helicopter cockpit video showed a 2007 firefight in Baghdad that left a Reuters photographer and his driver dead" and neglects to mention that the attack was BY the U.S. helicopter and that it also wounded two children and killed their father (and I'm sure they won't grow up hating America).

I'm glad the Afghanistan documents got out - I only hope enough of the public pays attention to what's inside. Although from what I've seen in the media so far the focus seems to be on the leak itself, which is a damn shame. But not much of a surprise.
That Muppet episode has a bathhouse scene with Nureyev. Gayer yet than the legendary Liza episode.
I don't know how they could say there is blood on the dudes hands. Every honest general that has looked at the documents is saying that those documents just confirm to the american people what we already thought was happening. (pakistan sucks, we suck, informants suck, we are useless there, etc)
If you want to stop the leaks, maybe stop doing so many horrible things that people feel morally obligated to leak?
"US economic growth slowed to 2.4% in the second quarter, suggesting that the recession is likely over but that the recovery will be slow."

Um, if there is growth, a recession is not "likely" over, it IS over. Most economists define a recession as two consecutive quarters of shrinking in the GDP (or "negative growth," one of my favorite terms!).

Anyway, if something is advancing it's not receding, therefore it is not a recession.

Now, the unemployment thing blows, and the economy sure ain't goin' gangbusters, but the recession has been over for some time now.