So Last Night I Started Watching True Blood


One of the best things about that show is the camera spends just as much time ogling the hot male bods as it does the females.
You are correct.

Which is why I don't watch it.

Haven ftw!
Um. Yeah. Where have you been?
If only they did anything interesting with the allegories...
God Hates Fangs!
Maybe it's because I'm from Louisiana or maybe it's because I think tacky shows about vampire sex are boring, but I just can't get into True Blood. Do you have to have a vampire fantasy to enjoy it?
Beel, ah love you!

There has already been a mano-a-mano dream sequence this season.
David, it gets better when Eric cuts his hair, Beel disappears, and there's more Pam. Also: Lafayette, forever and always-- best change from the books thus far.
True Blood also has the most reliably hot male cast of any show on TV.
I liked the first season even though some of the plot made no sense at all. But the show quickly turned into Transylvania 90210 a few episodes into the 2nd season.
@7 yes. but they do have werewolves.

and this season, witches.
The show is created/produced by Alan Ball. Of course it's gay allegory (with sledgehammer strength!)
True Blood is adult TV candy. Don't even bother looking for deep or hard hitting allegory. It's Dark Shadows with a great budget and has, as the series progresses, ZERO problem with making fun of itself and seeing how crazy it can be. Its like the Charlaine Harris books on meth. They basically pick a theme and then see how many wonderful ways they can utterly beat it into the ground. Family=S1, Relationships=S2, Commitment (I think) in S3.

Also, Haven is gorgeous Will, but unless it picks up tonight, it's off the list. And that lead actress has the range of a turnip. Although Boat Dude is hilarious in the Miles-From-LOST way, where everyone else does and says stupid plot-driven and plot-advancement stuff, and he's all, "What? That's ridiculous," like a real person.
@13 Will, there's no witches this season, and dude: fucking spoilers.
What ... it's been in all the TV press for like 2 weeks - from the interview with the cast.
@17 yeah and I'm sure some people try to avoid that stuff. Also, you're wrong, if you've read the books. That's not what they cast for S3.
Season two is a little weak in my opinion, so just power though it because season 3 has been so great.

It's campy, gory, sexy, and fun.
In Bill Compton voice:
"Well Sookie,
There are two schools of thought on the coming out of the coffin for vampires; the first is that if we integrate then we are better able to show ourselves as beings not unlike the rest of society and fully deserving of all rights; and the second is that our sheer sexiness will grant us all the sexual and bloody exploits we desire, in whatever form..."

not that he said that in any of the episodes but he may as well have.
Here's the money quote from THE AUTHOR OF THE BOOKS:

In related news (and not like we all didn't assume this already, but it's been confirmed), Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels on which True Blood is based, says she had the gay community in mind while writing them:

"Speaking to SFX, the author said that she used vampires as a metaphor for 'alienated minorities'. 'Vampires aren't just vampires,' she said. 'Y'know, a cigar isn't just a cigar, they're so useful as a metaphor for alienated minorities. In this case, I was thinking specifically of the gay community.'"

Souce includes spoilers for S3:…

@19, I agree - S2 started out great but the two final episodes were a little too silly and that story line started to lag, when they could have been amazing. S3 is just blowing. my. mind.

I think Pam is probably my favorite character - or at least she has some of the best lines in the show ("That THING owes me a pair of shoes.")

David, keep watching - it just keeps getting better. We're in the midst of Season 3 and it's torture to wait an entire week for a new episode.
Season 2 was indeed a little iffy, except for the amazing Michelle Forbes.
Season 2 was a little iffy, except that scene where Bill snowballs blood into Sookie's mouth. So hot.
Yeah, I starting losing interest during Season Two. It was just getting too stupid after such a refreshing Season One. This season (Season Three) doesn't seem quite as silly, but doesn't have the sparkle of Season One. I've come down to take-it-or-leave-it.

And yeah, I know a vampire series is going to have some blood, but Season Three is looking like Blood Feast. No surprises about the gay connection and plenty of good-looking guys. Alan Ball produces this show and, I believe, writes and directs an occasional episode or two.

Speaking of premium cable shows, the first episode of Laura Linney's new series, The Big C is up on the Showtime website ( Looks pretty good. It premieres mid-August.
Just catching onto the gay allegory?? The sign in the opening "GOD HATES FANGS" I thought was all anyone needed in the first season to get that point....It is the same creator as Six Feet Under..Geesh...
spoiler alert or not but Eric is going to be a big part of season 4....

and IMO there was too little attention paid to Godric.
# 16 you haven't figured out who is a witch yet?? Hmmm flash of a bright white light when in immediate danger and no reprieve from one of her fangers....I love this show - it is appointment TV. Witches are coming Season 4 which they have already been renewed to do.
ooops.. season 3 & then(hopefully) 4
1. I respectfully request that everyone STFU about the spoilers for season 4.

2. It's a well written, well executed series that is not always perfect, but still worth watching.

3. It has the extremely Hollyweird issue of casting straight actors to play gay people.
@28 I've read every book between the wife and her BFF singing their praises and my getting into the show. I promise you, you and Will are wrong and/or misreading things. The real answer is way more interesting. Also: like the weres, shifters, maenads and one other critter we've met, there's a lot out there. Witches are coming, but not yet, unless they totally reorder a lot more than they have so far. We're one step removed from them so far.

Stop making me geek out over this shit.
#13 #28 WTF? What we've been told is that she's got some kind of powers. Everybody on the show has some kind of mojo, part of the fun is trying to figure out what the hell they are before the show clues us in on it.

What those of us who watch the show, rather than reading the books, didn't know was WHAT exactly she is.

So yes - I had figured out that she was SOMETHING - but was kind of enjoying not knowing what that something was. Fortunately, the character is a horrible person - so I don't really give a crap about her....but I've got to say I'm kind of bummed out by having the mystery solved.

@32 - I don't think you've been spoiled. What was mentioned above isn't what she is in the books.

I think that it's fair to say that viewers, regardless of if they have or haven't read the books, don't know what Alan Ball's Sookie is.
@27: I seriously cannot wait for that storyline to happen. As soon as I heard they were making a TV series of the books, I prayed to whatever imaginary TV gods are out there that they'd get to this arc.
These books are perfect fluffy summer reading, I really suggest buying or borrowing them to catch up (and see Tara's miraculous color-change).