New Restaurants and Bars: Tons for Your Hunger and/or Thirst


Hunger ... hmm.

Sushi Kappa Tamura - the sister Shiso Kappo in Fremont seems to always be packed.
Buckaroo info link is dead.
posters are still up all over Fremont tho, @3.
I tried Big Marios the other night. The pepperoni in the jar was tastier and more interesting than the slice. I thought the sauce was bland and the pepperoni a bit flavorless. The crust was good.
Any word on when Pinto Thai is supposed to open? Went by Octo on my way back to the office, and yeah the prices seemed reasonable, but I was in a hurry so did Genki instead. It may be the McDonald's of sushi, but that being said, it's still waaaaay healthier than McDonald's.
@3: Fixed, thanks.

@4: Pinto Thai/Sushi (with former J Sushi chef Super Dave!) is supposed to open in August, but you know how these things go... here's their Twitter for updates. I thought Octo was just all right—decent but not outstanding fish, nigiri cut a little ragged, one tempura thing quite greasy—but I've only been once. They also made me sit in the front room, which made me sad. Meanwhile, I'm kind of in love with Genki, despite normally being a complete sushi snob. It's all pretty good, and SO CHEAP, and all orange-and-white and mod in there. They're apparently getting beer and sake soon. You can eat until you're about to explode and be hard-pressed to spend more than $10. THE BOUNTY!
Avila and Marcus' (and the Buck, of course) will be missed. Went to Hunger for a quick happy hour sangria last night...excellent. Can't wait to have a proper dinner there.
I spent the last two nights at the Buck after kickball - they aren't closing, just moving down the hill to like 35th or something.

Yeah, once the liquor license kicks in Genki will improve by 1,000,000%.
Oh, and the Dim Sum place in Wallingford is open now ... don't forget to satisfy your BBQ cravings at the 43rd BBQ/picnic this Saturday 11am to 3pm at Ravenna Park.
Fix your links.
Divine in Maple Leaf closes tonight.