Lunchtime Quickie: Meet Antoine Dodson, The Rapist Hunter


Attempted rape really shouldn't make me laugh that much. Especially at work.
I saw that last night and thought "damn. why do they always have to interview the most ghetto-ist black folk ever?"
Bowling for Columbine - watch - this reminds me of when Michael Moore interviewed the creator of COPS. And yes jokes about rape are very poor when coming from a woman...or whatever it comes from - This reminds me of Fox news!!
So awesome. I have no idea how someone could interview that guy and keep a straight face.
I seriously wanna hang with Antoine. That guy looks FUN.
@ #2

While I don't disagree that is often the case it apparently needs to be pointed out that this man is central to the story being reported. It would be very questionable journalism to exclude him because some one decided he's too "ghetto".

Slippery slopes, my friend.
@6 - I'd like to see a mash-up to this with his voice processed through Auto Tune
Oh sweet fuck, talk about living the stereotype, a black drag queen out of drag!