What It Feels Like to Be Attacked By a Bear


I wouldn't mind being attacked by the bear from the post below
Woah! I had that same experience at The Cuff during Pride weekend!
Most bear biologists I know tell you to fight as hard as possible when physically attacked by a bear. Not by screaming, but by punching it in the face. Glad this lady is alive though!
Oh, it was an *actual* bear, not one of those burly mens you see playing football and the like. I think we need a public service message on how to survive one of *those* bear attacks. I do know that sometimes a can of deodorant can come in handy.
Wow. What a nightmare. I love camping in the wild, but this is the sort of stuff that terrifies me. Bears and moose can both be deadly.
I survived a twink attack. My own fault, really, badmouthing Of Montreal.
She's kind of a badass.
@3, from the AP story:

"They drove around the campground, honking their horns and yelling to alert other campers. Along the way, the met with a truck leaving the campground with the teenage victim, who apparently tried in vain to fight off the bear by punching it in the nose."

soooo guess that didn't work.
The Kids in the Hall had the best instructions for surviving a bear attack:

@7: absolutely. Way to represent Michiganders, resourceful lady.
oh, fer cryin' out loud. when will you hairless monkeys learn? nature doesn't want you anywhere near it!
Fight back against black bears, play dead with grizzlies...not that it will help, as they'll probably eat you anyway. Not too far from our house a few years ago, a grizzly approached a group of women on a trail. Two ran, one climbed a tree. The bear followed the one in the tree. When they looked at the tree afterwards, they found claw marks going up 30 feet, at which point the bear flung her to the ground and...well, you know. Ugh.