Proof of Progress


I'm sorry he struck out erotically. But, hey, savvy free publicity. It must be lonely in Spookaloo.
By standing up, he staked out masculine territory against his female Rep. rival.
I wonder how that plays with woman-hating male Repubs...
It's not going to matter. McMorris Rogers could be caught having sex with the corpse of Dixy Lee Ray and she would still get 60% of the vote in Spokane.
smade is probably right.
I love the ending of the story:

Fox has come to the attention of law enforcement several times in the past year in Clallam County and Spokane.
Ooh, there's a sexy photo in a news article about his earlier brushes with the law. Note the white tie/collar match. And epic combover. Not that I'm judging.…
"making a sexual overture is not a get-out-of-assaulting-me free card."

Wait, has anyone told Tucker Carlson?

Philip Seymour Hoffman, your next role is calling.
There seems to be a pattern of all these Washington Republicans end up getting robbed or getting their asses whooped trying to get gay sex in Spokane. When will they learn that they just need to go down to People's Park?
@7, yes! I'd like to see him in the scene where he turned the Clallam County Jail private attorney-client booth into a watch-me-rub-it cubicle.…
He doesn't look any unsexier than Barney Frank. I am totally voting for him.