Local, Local, Local


Cities are obsolete.

Culture is on blogs.

I live in an apartment complex near a roadway.

There is a There, There, you just can't admit it.

Yesterday I road my bike to Soos Creek and then Lake Meridian where an African Drum band was playing in the park by the Lake.

It wasn't Seattle, It wasn't New York, It was not even down town Kent, just a park, off a roadway. And there was culture.

This is the voice the Noturbs. The Nowhereurbs that don't need $800,000 City Managers and $5 Billion dollar tunnels but we do need $40 Clear Wimax connections to create our fluid society.

Culture does exist outside of locality, but urban centres have their own cultures as well. Toronto is somehow, indefinably not Montreal, or Vancouver, or New York. We think differently, we act differently, we live differently. Not everyone, of course, but there are cultural norms that seem so normal that you only realise they're cultural when you spend six or so months in another city.