Rep. Anthony Weiner Will Not Yield!


I don't see how that's not consistent with them being Republican.

Everyone knows that Democrats wake up in the morning and think "What can I do to make America better?"

Republicans wake up in the morning and think "How can I destroy America and weaken it?"
C'mon, Dan and Tim, buck up and hire a copy editor. It's "yield," not "yeild."
@2, I think it's a riff on Weiner. Subtle.
How exactly did Christine Todd Whitman get away with saying the air was safe? She didnt last long in the EPA. Gotta love how Republicans love to show their patriotism, but when it comes to putting their money where their mouth is, theyre all silent. Lets slap a few tacky yellow ribbon magnets (made in China) on the back of my car or fly a bigger flag in front of my house instead of voting for funds to help these first responders.
more democrats need to lose their shit over the way republicans are behaving. more yelling!!
This guy clearly feels guilty that his political views caused 9/11
Wow. He's completely around the bend but can still cite the language of Robert's Rules. That's impressive.

I have no idea why anyone can abide the current Republican party. It is far removed from any sense of the honored principles of what was traditionally considered "conservatism."

Thing is - the (R)s have traction. The Democrats have not made their message clear and the odds are that November will run in their favor.

America is finally waking up.
I applaud him and can only hope that his fellow Democrats will nut/ovary up and call the Republicans on their bullshit.
@8: I wouldn't count on it. Weiner's been like this for a while. Every time I hear him talk, I hope that the other Dems in the room feel ashamed of themselves.
Those first responders just need to suck it up and pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

Wow. Whenever I feel like I'm getting too cynical about Republicans, something like this happens (the vote, not the hysterical reaction) and reminds me that my feelings are justified.
Weiner will not wither in the face of opposition! He will stand proud and erect, throbbing with patriotism as his righteous ejaculations fill the Capitol!

@10, it is exactly that attitude, believing in decorum and never speaking with emotion, that is the cause of many democrats failure, and the reason that so many conservatives think that democrats are a bunch of pussies.
Fuck any dem who is ashamed of themselves over a justified outburst like this!
And fuck the republicans!
@13, fucking hilarious! Comments like that are why I love slog! I pray to a god I do not believe in that we may someday have someone in office who says those sorts of things while actually accomplishing something that makes our nation a good place to live!
The democrats definitely need more Anthony Weiners and Alan Graysons
An honorable man amongst the dishonorable. Leaving even Fiercy Fraud speechless.
@14, I think you misunderstood me. I meant that the Dems should be ashamed of themselves for not standing up and fighting. They shouldn't be ashamed of Weiner, they should be ashamed that they're not willing to go as far as he is.
@18, my bad! I guess I'm still irritable because of an encounter here earlier with a douchebag who referred to Alan Grayson as like a knuckeldragger.

And thanks for clearing up my misunderstanding without being a dick about it!
@18, while I applaud Weiner's long overdue outburst, he really needs to direct his emotion towards his own party, and our president, and call them out for not standing up and fighting.
@16: My thoughts exactly.
@20, with the assault the Repugnicans are constantly throwing at the D's, I don't think the party can afford that luxury. They'll just have to learn by example, since they obviously haven't listened to us.
It's a good thing those Republicans weren't trying to bring food and aid to Palestine, or they would have really gotten it!
Let's have more of that, please, from House Democrats.
Clearly more New York Jews are needed in our national politics.
I love Weiner's stance on so many issues, but #23 is right, that he's just as batshit as most politicians are when it comes to Israel. It's so frustrating because he's intelligent and passionate on pretty much everything else.
@20 -- Maybe he could do that in caucus or in a private meeting with the President and Pelosi and Reid. Actually get up in their faces and let them have it for approaching politics as though it would somehow stain their fingers if they touched it with intent. Going after his own party in public, however, would have to be handled very carefully. Notice that although he mentions that he did a fair amount of arm-twisting to get his votes, a clear indication to his party that he was both aggressive and successful, he rubs King's nose into the fact that King did NOT do any arm-twisting -- he gets recognition points from his party leadership while putting the public's focus on the hypocrites on the other side.
Here in Gayland, by the way, we have a saying: I would have his babies. Oh, yes, I would.
He's friends with Jon Stewart. No joke, they grew up together.
wow. The dems need to flip out on these shameless republicans more often. this was very refreshing to watch. called republicans on their shit big time. these republicans in congress now are possibly more despicable than the ones we had under dubya. No respect, hardly any civility in regard to their opponent's party (the democrats) whom they treat like enemies nowadays.
Aww, god bless you, Rep. Weiner.

This one's even better:…

He calls the Republican Party "a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry," acquiesces to an objection and withdraws his words, then substitutes the words "every single Republican I have ever met in my entire life is a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry."
President Weiner?
This new republican talking point that Weiner stepped out of bounds is total BS. When Republican Sen. Joe Wilson called the President a liar during his first state of the union address, all pretense at decorum vanished in a puff of smoke.
Any person who doesn't know the difference between a senator and representative should STFU about politics. No wonder the country is going to hell.
finally - some chutzpah in yank politcs! ;)