In Which I Come to Schmacky's Rescue



The things that excite you are way too artsy-fartsy and modelish to be straight.

Now, Hometown Honeys...yum...…
Thank you, kind sir. Thank you.
I agree - thank you! This is a wonderful site. :)
I don't know, schmacky, as a straight chick, I love slog as gay and sparkley as possible. That said, on that Tumblr, Katy Perry has great tits...I'd like to order up a pair like that myself.
Remember that poll a while back: "Is Slog Too Gay?" If I remember correctly, "yes" walked away with it by a pretty wide margin. While the gay folks may be the most vocal, there are lots and lots of straight people here.
Nice....thanks Paul. I only scrolled through a few pages but of the photos I saw I loved the one of Janelle Fishman on page 4. Very sexy.

And you learn something new every day; I'd never heard of Tumblr before.

(and isn't "gaying up the Slog" like "wetting up the ocean?") Good one! Yeah, pretty much. Slog isn't exactly my go-to place for photos of attractive women. But I love the sharp, intelligent comments from people here, regardless of who they are and who they like to fuck.
I want to hang out with Annika Stenvall.
Schmacky should fuck off. Or at the very least, he (maybe) through the gayness of Slog has the most minute of inklings of what it's like to be a homo every fucking day of our lives. Which I seriously fucking doubt. In other words, Schmacky - you're the minority here. Enjoy it. In fact, convert to Judaism, if you aren't already, and do the double-whammy minority thing. Or, just fuck off.
Sheesh Paler, lighten up! It's Friday night!

Seriously though, meant no offense. Dan himself sometimes apologizes for "gaying up the Slog"...I used that vernacular on purpose as a kind of shorthand to say "I get it, the Slog is gay-friendly and so am I, but there may have been one too many bear posts today." But yeah, you know, tell me to fuck off if it makes you feel better.
schmacky is in my slog top five! don't dis.
Paul, the lesbians of Slog also thank you. Yum.
@5: Well ... I'm straight. But straight females still appreciate gay dudes, as long as they are naked and hot. I think what you mean is "lots and lots of straight MEN."
Paul, Thanks for being classy and not posting images that could get people in trouble.