My Favorite Legacy of the Snoutbreak


It looks like the mom suspects the daughter of being sick, and so is thinking about shivving her.
Ha! Love you, JIE!
I just don't understand why the kid's face is so wide... is she growing a snout under there or something?
@3, ha! It does look funny... those masks have elastic loops that go around the ears, but there's also a soft aluminum strip across the top that you're supposed to bend across the bridge of your nose and then shape to the contour of your upper cheeks. The little girl has it resting unbent on the tip of her nose, so it's held open like a parachute.

Dr. Dr. Golob, I assume you're completing a residency and moving on? Congrats and best wishes!
Ah thanks rob! it was freaking me out!
And I guess with the strip uncontoured, the mask is essentially useless...
I *LOVE* the "snoutbreak". why is this the first time I've heard it???
Is that Shannon Doherty? Dear lord, I hope so.