Seattle's Most Multi-Racial Event?


By far. Seafair's always presented all kinds of kids from all over town to march in all kinds of ways. Everybody comes to watch. It's one of the few genuinely sweet mass events every year. I wandered over a bit ago, and it's in full swing. Performers sweating like crazy, working hard, with the crowd starting to get very chilly.
Holy hell! Just took the Link from P Square to Westlake. There must be 1,000 people at every station! Had to literally shuffle pressed up against the train and the crowd just to get out. What a magnificent clusterfuck.
Is it too much to ask for the drill and step teams to perform something during the parade? It seems like most of them just march by.
madcap@3 They do perform in front of the reviewing stand. I think they perform at intervals before and after, it may be you just weren't in a spot where they stopped.
Our most multi-racial event continues to be the 4th Avenue South Costco.

Nothing brings everyone together like a bargain.
I missed the parade again this year. Were theyre loud motorcycles? I heard what sounded like 50 of them drive passed my apt on Boren St. Normally all I get are ambulances, but this was comically loud and reminded me of an episode of South Park.
Why the question mark Charles? Not enough gun fire and muggings to convince you it wasn't just whitey enjoying?
I have attended gay pride parades for forty one years and I have always marveled, especially early on, at the diversity of those events.
I think they also did some cap and trade action on the drill and step teams. There were only a handful. I know in previous years it has felt like every other group was another bunch of teen girls shaking their booties with tap boots on while their fat parents watched. Thank you Seafair, I hope we only got the best.
It might be. Can't say from observation because I've never gone to it. However, I have been to the Bite of Seattle and that must at least be multiracially tied with the parade.

For ongoing events I'd second what Andrew @ 5 said about the 4th Ave S. Costco. Also Southcenter Mall. I was there for the first time in years a few weeks ago and it was the United Westfield Nations.
No, Seattle's most multi-racial event was in April.

Seattle's "Most Multi-Racial" event pales (literally) compared to any day of the week on 104th Avenue here on Kent East Hill.

Up here in Seattles Great White North we are busy adopting cute Haitian babies as fast as possible to add some color. Sadly, since they'll be growing up in our liberal white enclave most will turn out to be doctors, lawyers, professionals and future presidents as opposed to gang bangers. Of course, we can also sleep with our windows open at night.

Cities are multi-racial.
Cities have parades.
Alki beach on a warm weeknight can be pretty impressive.
Or you could just wander around the 98118 -- reputed locally (though quite erroneously) to be America's Most Diverse ZIP Code.
Almost all the Seafair Parades are like that, other than the ones north of the Ship Canal.

You guys need to leave the Hill more often.
I love that Seattle is so multuracial. When I was visiting from Boulder CO, I was struck by the groups being multiracial, as in White buddying around w/Asians, and various other combinations, which did not seem like a big deal to them. Not so much of that going on in Denver and Boulder. IN fact, here, we have a social mechanism in place in which all such unions, whether by friends or romantically involved mixings, are rebuked by what we call, THE STINK EYE!!!! You may not think much of it, but it is a very powerful weapon to the weak minded. I can't wait to get back to the NW.