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It's the tyrannies that are blocking internet access. It's the tyrannies that have the most to lose from an educated public. The internet will bring down the world's tyrants. That includes the pope!
There are a lot of reasons why I have a BlackBerry. This is definitely one of them.
Fuck censors with a rusty pipe.
Check out those Clint Didier campaign theme song lyrics. It seems he's a-fixin' to return as promised (just like Jesus), armed to the teeth (JUST like Jesus), smack down the evil ones (just like JESUS!), bleed as much as it takes (just like JESUS!), and "redeem what's left" (just like effin' JESUS!!!).

How is Dino Rossi gonna top that?
of course, you might argue that pictures on your computer beats actual molesting - since people are what people are - but high grade stupid dropping the 'puter off at the shop with the images on the drive...


NASA just released a video of an emergency space repair team entering the Freedom ISS:…
And, happy 719 Switzerland! You don't look a decade over 500.
Vote for Didier! Clint died on the cross so you could... wait, what? And now he's gonna start a coup?
I'd vote against Kagan but not for the reason Ben Nelson is. I'm just not excited about bring the morality of Goldman Sachs to the Supreme Court; we've got enough problems with the court without adding another voice for corporatism.
check out this amazing gem of a song along the same lines:… -
and if the link doesn't work - it is Krista Branch's 'I am America'.