I Love (Miss) New York


' thank you jezebel'..
something my grandma would say.
How can anyone take her seriously?? I mean kudos for what she's doing but she speak just like she was asked a question on one of those attention whore pageant! And what's with the thing on her head!!
Full of buzzwords but I think her heart's in the right place.
platform? really? why are we regarding a beauty pageant as an important political race? she's wearing a fucking miniature crown for chrissakes. the only reason anyone cares about where these women stand on political issues is because they're pretty. not news. moving on.
I think the world would be a better place if more people wore crowns while they argued their points. And @2, 4, the reason it actually makes news is people watch these pageants. People who don't necessarily do their own research or read the news or support gay rights. The more places that support for gay rights goes, the better it is for the movement.
hmm, i'm surprised at the vitriolic comments. i would have thought a woman being acknowledged for her intellectual prowess in the context of a beauty pageant would serve as a refreshing, even progressive, change from the norm. and she seemed pretty well spoken to me. i mean, yeah beauty pageants rank about as high on my list of culturally relevant events as high school musicals, but still this girl is using that platform, however flawed and/or creepy, for an actual purpose. #2 and #4 seem really bitter.
I'll wait for the sex tape to be released before I judge.
She is well-spoken and hopefully can bring more attention to this subject. I am glad that MSNBC was repeatedly referring to it as a beauty pageant, however. Does that mean we've finally dispensed with the euphemism of "talent competition" and called a spade a spade?
Fucking. Robot.
Jesus, people, ease up on the hating, it's only Monday for fuck's sake.

She's cute, has an awesome attitude, she's using her media attention for good. And I really really want to nibble on the back of her neck.
I agree with @7.

and I'm looking forward to it too!
The more people who support equal rights and treatment, the better.... and a beauty pageant seems like a perfectly natural place to speak out about it.

Beauty pageants were a source of support for women's rights as well. Pageants were sending their contestants to college when most women didn't go. Miss Americas have been graduate students and doctoral students and professionals in a number of fields; they are not just women who smile pretty and wave. 1974's Rebecca King took a pro-choice stance and used her scholarship funds to attend law school*.

Miss New York's intelligence is not a surprise at all.

Still, calling them "talent competitions" is like saying you read playboy for the articles. The point is, as always, beautiful women.