The It's-Technically-Still-Morning News*: Veterans, Angels, and Lepers


re: Blue Angels... every time I think about air shows this comic pops into my head:…
I love Tom Lehrer.
*You certainly are.
Thanks for encouraging me to at least do the lazy-man thing and go to Wiki for Lehrer to see what he's been up to lately. Their wrapup quote makes it clear he's a perfect Slog presence:

Lehrer has said of his musical career, "If, after hearing my songs, just one human being is inspired to say something nasty to a friend, or perhaps to strike a loved one, it will all have been worth the while."
Did you know that China's 10 percent GDP growth projection for this year was mostly due to US imports and cheap resources from Iraq and Afghanistan bought with the blood and lives ... and legs ... of US soldiers?

End the two foreign civil wars of Republican adventure now. We can't afford them.

And bring all the troops home - including the mercenaries that make the bulk of the forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
I've been waiting all year for the annual Blue Angels bitchfest. You're going to have to post a whole diary to really get it going, though. How about recycling that picture of the kids with the anti-Blue Angels signs from a few years back?

While you're at it, Frizzelle's been slacking on his Critical Mass posts. Didn't see one last Friday - WTF?
Come on, Mitch Miller died, he was 99. We need a SLOG sing-along.

Wake up SLOG!
yes yes .. EVERYbody sing !…
@9, whatta pack of sweater queens! Plus: minstrel show @6:00?!?! Thank you so very much....
(And on a show promising Leslie Uggams no less....)
@11 gus minstrelsy aside ( and remember this is from a time where mintrelsy didn't always denote blackface and subservience ).i belive that miller was one of the first to feature an african american cast member regularly on a tv show back then. leslie uggams was a regular member of that cast. a first for any show in its day…
i have very fond memories of waiting for and watching her with my grandmother back in the days. in his own way he was a pioneer and had a larger black audience than anybody gave him credit for. he changed before the times and with the times even while maintaining that saccharine all family appeal.
oh .. it's nice to see a working pack of gays too. even though it took me a million years to figure that out.
@1, I had no idea, that's great. My dad told me the only time he lost his composure was spotting Ms. Uggams dining at a table behind a velvet rope at a Manhattan restaurant. He was so beside himself he hopped over the rope to say hello and gush. He said she was much kinder than he deserved.
Oops, for @1, read @12 plz.
Meh, Mitch Miller. Everybody knew him from "Sing Along with Mitch" - what most people don't know is that he pretty much single-handedly ran Columbia Records into the ground in the '50s and thought rock and roll was "a disease." Good riddance.
@15 ...rock and roll IS a disease !
I respectfully disagree, Riz. Rock and roll is wonderful, not as good as the blues, though. Thank you for the link of Mr. Miller it was wonderful, too.
Hands off Tom Hardy, Lindy West, (if that's your REAL name).
I saw him first!!!!
There's so much overlap between rock and roll and blues that I really can't see much point in debating the distinction. And yes, I love them both.
@17 oh kim... you know i was just jokin.. on the real tip i have loads of respect for mitch he was a man of his day liked what he liked and hated what he didn't.
my momma doesn't care for rock ( shoulda heard her screech whenever i played joni mitchell in the house ) hip hop cannot be played in her presence ( except for missy and queen latifah ). the fact that mitch miller never got on that bandwagon is neither a surprise or disappointment for me.. i understand how he felt that way about rock..i remember when people thought that 'i wanna hold your hand' was a one hit fluke.. i was just givin 5280 the razz..
that sucks. George Shangrow was a really really great man, a wonderful conductor and a general booster for Seattle music scene. he was very well loved. so very sad.
Don't we know it, Fifty-Two-Eighty! It all goes back to the blues, rock, jazz, ragtime...

No worries, Riz. Thank you for sharing.