Sarah Palin Speaks Out on President Obama's Balls—en Español!


I think the more people ignore this women, the faster she'll go away.
The joke in the cartoon is that "embarazada" more often than not means "knocked up".
ah, a classic! embarazada looks like it should mean embarrassed, but it means pregnant. the teacher i had for my first year of spanish actually made that mistake when she was studying abroad during her undergrad. she didn't realize she'd done it, so didn't correct it. her host family was pretty understanding about her 'situation' until she came home drunk one saturday night. there was a lot of yelling and confusion. it took them a comically long time to figure out what happened. like something out of a sitcom.
If she had balls she'd be dying in Afghanistan or Iraq for one of the two foreign civil wars of Republican adventure.

But she isn't.

Besides, doesn't she speak Russian like Comrade Dino?
Oh Sarah, you're always so prepared, so informed, and so very eloquent. I can't wait for you to get trounced in more one-on-one debates when election time comes around (assuming the GOP actually bets on you twice).
...and the last part says "you don't want to be a fuckin' grandma at 39".
Hey, look back up at number want to use "EMBARASSED" there. You put "I AM PREGNANT (embarazada)." You better goddamn not be PREGNANT, Julie, because I DON'T WANT TO BE a fucking GRAMMA at thirty nine.

I doubt that chocha, which means pussy in puerto rican slang, was used in El Paso.
Wouldn't it be magnificent if it turned out she thought "cojones" were, well, anything other than balls.

Every day in every way Sarah Palin reinforces my belief she is nothing less than the most brilliant comedian of our time.
Oh. Right. I, not you.
You know what would make a great (gag) gift?

A doll of Sarah Palin with one of those pull strings on her back that has her say one of her patented idiotic slogans when you pull it.

Why has this not been invented yet?
Didn't Sarah Palin admit to illegally entering Canada in order to receive state-provided medical care? Meaning she herself is exactly the kind of border-hopping freeloader she claims that Obama doesn't have the cojones to do anything about? Man, she is a rogue. Or a Maverick. Or a Maverogue.
@12 nobody escapes the RCMP.

they will get her. they never forget. and they always get their man ... or Russian spy.
@11: But then she'd probably get licensing fees...well, there was a talking inspirational GWB that one of my dad's friends had. Push a button and it said things like "I am not part of the problem, I am a Republican!"