Global Consumers: Poor Africans With Expensive Shit


I'd argue that if the campaign's been around since 2007 and we've never heard of it, it's not as effective as they'd hoped. Striking, yes, but effective is as effective does. For example, I wasn't able to find these images on the org's current website.
And of course I've missed your point entirely, as is my wont.
Did you know that China's 10 percent growth in GDP is almost entirely due to US imports and cheap resources from Iraq and Afghanistan bought with the blood and lives of our soldiers and US tax dollars?
Did you know that you're so full of shit your eyes are brown, Will?
Charles' insights: priceless
Wow, those are some arresting images. Reminds me of those Bennetton ads of the late 80s & early 90s (ie. a white baby nursing on a black woman's breast comes to mind). Not sure how effective they are but they get one's attention especially with race and class.
How many Euros is a U-Haul rental in dirt poor Africa?
Fela Kuti wasn't making any kind of comment on materialism with "Expensive Shit." It refers to his incarceration while the police waited for him to poop marijuana he ingested.
@4 try reading wikileaks or following global financial news.

And stick your Niobium up your nose where the sun don't shine.
@kitschnsync, ditto. It's actually a very well-known story. Surprised you didn't know that one, Charles. Kinda ashamed, actually.
Could have been fake Euros ... same result in the end.
As someone in Gulu, Uganda advocating for the rights of poor persons with disabilities these ads really strike a cord with me. (…) They incite one to consider the economic complexities at work within poor african economies. For instance it only costs 8 Euro for water if your water has been privatized. If no one had taken over your water supply your water would have been free. Its privatized so a few rich people at the top can afford expensive sunglasses and cologne. If those at the top spread the wealth, fostered upward mobility and established adequate social services this would not be an issue.

However if these ad are trying to promote sending money to poor Africans for water instead of buying expensive sunglasses or cologne then they fail to understand the harm that the continual stream of aid to Africa is doing to the economy. I did not follow this line of thinking until I came here. It’s an ironic tragedy.
What about those people says dirt poor? I don't see that.
What about those images says dirt poor? I don't see it.