Police Beat: Bar Harbor, Maine Edition


police blotters in maine are the most entertaining thing in the paper almost every day.
Sounds like a days work in Eureka minus all the science doomsday experiments that go out of control.
I love Bar Harbor.

We used to summer on French House Island across the bay. You could walk there in hip waders at low tide.

The best part of watching a movie set near there was seeing Thurman and Findy in the credits as lobster consultants.
oh, and you should check out new TV series "Haven". it's also set in Maine.
I grew up in a small town and the police blotter was always the best part of the newspaper. The best was one spring when someone reported a human head in their garden (!), but when the police investigated, it turned out only to be a rotten eggplant, sunken-in and exposed as the snow had melted.
Maybe that's why I don't like eggplant ...
The shaved cat is hiding in shame. It will be back when the fur grows back or the can opener starts, whichever comes first.
When I was in high school, my favorite was when someone called to report "at least two, possibly as many as twenty cats in alley."

I like to imagine two cats with a box of cat costumes.
@8 "armed cats with wicked claws spotted lying in wait" ...
Also, one day there was a report of a crow stuck in a tree.

This was followed some time later with a followup report that the original caller checked back later, and the crow was gone.
I just spent half of last week in Kennebunk, ME. Sweet Christ was it HOT there. And the mosquitoes!

On a depressing note, a fat retard (reetahhhd) who used to bully me in junior high apparently pulled in 100K, thanks to overtime, as a cop in my hometown. This, while my old school was having to cut art, music and shop classes due to budget shortfalls...
priorities. people fall for that fear stuff all the time, Peter.
Lots of DUIs, domestic violence calls, underage drinking and driving with a suspended license. The citizens of Bar Harbor might enjoy their alcohol just a little too much.
Someone ought to write a book about all that stuff... hey, I just remembered that I did.