Lunchtime Quickie: Antoine Dodson, The Rapist Hunter, Now Famous


Not to be a party pooper, but that's an interview from three days ago. Where's some newer Antoine??

@ 1, this is SLOG. We were lucky they posted the original video as fast as they did.
The end of that segment was weird, "interviewing people like that reflect poorly on our community"?
I shot my sister's boyfriend with a BB gun. Check and mate steroid monkey!
I hope they make enough $$ to get out of Huntsville and move to Seattle!!!

Yeah, well, I'm guessing the idea behind that is some people reacted to Antoine as being a negative portrayal of poor uneducated blacks or something. But what the dumbasses don't realize is most people reacted to him (like me) in a totally positive light - he's funny, no bullshit, stands up for his loved ones and, frankly, dude's got rhythm and creativity with his words and expression of them (hence the music re-mixes). People love this dude now - it's not about stereotypes.