Universal Terrorist Translator


Well, if the military keeps firing all of its skilled translators because they're gay, I guess they'll have to use machines to do it.
Would a Kirk or Picard accent be required for this translator to work?
Arrb glorb flork nardle blang.
Rolf treeoleeo homproon anrompeoleo! An kroozh neelavine, vrans forblamma flognor, haha...gelimnik lav.

Technically, only people from very near the Arabian Peninsula are Arabs. Iranians, Afghanis, Iraqis, etc. are not Arabs.
@1 ftw.

@4 is correct. Our enemy - our real enemy - are actually Wahhabi extremists, and they're pretty much all Saudis or ex-Saudis. Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan - not even remotely similar. It's like saying, because your enemy is Texas and you get your wind and oil from them, that your enemy is Southern and then start killing people from Alabama.

People who speak Arabic as their primary language are Arabs. So you're right about Iranians and Afghans. Also, the afghani is a unit of currency.
Why is it Americans revert to pidgin Spanish whenever they talk to a foreigner? This happens on the Amazing Race no matter where they are (China, India, etc.)
Since even the Arabs can't agree on who's really Arab, Kesh's definition is probably about as useful as anything.
i hope they use the voices from simpletext.
Anyone who's used an actual computer translator can see the issue here. Most likely the result of the situation illustrated in the article would be something like

"Your bombs-having car interior open and look sharp. Also hold your guns."

Yeah, THAT'D turn out well...
Somewhere in the future Charles Mudede, or at the very least the Stranger, will realize that monotone condescension is neither enlightening nor entertaining to read.