The Morning News: Shooting in Connecticut, Lohan in Rehab, and Homeless on the Streets


I don't get the Michael J. Fox joke.
Another chance to look up Lehrer facts. He's 82 this year! To think someone attending UC-Santa Cruz in the 90s could take a class on infinity and a class on musical theater from him in the same quarter...…
Michael J Fox was the voice of "Chance" in the Homeward Bound movies.
I do hope that Lehrer's "The Vatican Rag" can be featured this week. It would mean so, so much to all of us lapsed, excommunicated, transreligioned, "questioning" [wtf, Papa Rat?!], or otherwise non-Kool-Aid-swilling one-time Catholics out here.
i still hope that LiLo pulls it out. she's what, 25?
She just had a birthday a few weeks ago, Max; I think you're right. I hope she pulls it out too, but I'm not holding my breath. She's such a fucking drama queen I really can't see anything changing.
Re the sinkhole: who the fuck doesn't know how to swim by the time they're 13? Especially if they live in a state that's mostly swamp, with a giant river going through the middle of it, and an ocean next to it?

People are so weird.

i don't know how to swim and i lived near lake michigan.
but that's not why i'm weird.
Just for the record, Charlie Sheen is just a big a piece of shit as Mel Gibson, just in a slightly different way.
Fnarf, I'm not even sure about the "slightly different way" part.
Wait, "largest accidental spill?" Was there a bigger spill that was on purpose?
Proteus, yes. During the first Iraq war Saddam poured out ridiculous amounts of oil as an F.U. to the world.
@11, @12: the Kern County gusher of 1910 spewed twice as much oil as the recent Gulf spill -- 9 million barrels. Nothing tops that. The article Lindy links to says "worst MARINE spill".

The Kuwaiti spill set deliberately by Saddam Hussein has been downgraded by further research, and is now considered to have spilled less than Deepwater Horizon.
Strange news of the day. I guess SLOG doesn't want to post this, but enjoy.

"Dog eats owners toe, saves his life!"…

Sorry, I forgot to close link. My bad.