Patty Murray Goes Negative


Is Rossi even in this race because I was in Eastern Washington this weekend and saw 4 billion Dieder signs but not one, NOT ONE, Rossi sign.
I like the Mad Men vamp
I wonder what kind of fact checking the Murray campaign did for this add, because I am pretty sure Wall Street and Big Banks could buy a lot better.
This is low-hanging fruit. Rossi should expect to see his affiliation with shady banks and opportunistic real estate brokers brought up again and again.

Pointing out the conflict of interest in a banker candidate who favors deregulated banks even after the need for stricter regulation has become blindingly obvious is not a cheap shot. It's a valid criticism. Who is he planning to represent if we elect him?
Hey! He owns a bank fercrisakes! He's a typical Republicrook!!!
It seems the defense du jour for negative ads is: it's not negative -- it's the truth!
Patty Murray forgot to mention that she's one of the top two in the entire senate for taking money from big lobbyists including bank lobbyists after she gave them all our money. And she's the one that voted for the bailouts of big banks, AIG, etc. Plus Patty not only accepted money from the disgraced Abramoff lobbyist, she kept it when others sent it back. She outright lied when she claimed credit for stopping the airborne tanker award. And all the while, Patty voted for every single big spending bill that came down the pike. Clearly, the Patty-Pot is calling the Murray-Kettle black. Corruption and dishonesty in one package - what a deal! When in doubt, throw them out.
Speaking of ties to banks and big money lobbyists -- it's public record that Patty Murray is either first or second in the entire senate for taking money from big lobbyists. That includes the disgraced lobbyist Abramoff. Yep, other eithical senators returned money from Abramoff but Patty kept it - every penny of it. Then she voted for the big bank bailout that took all our taxpayer money and gave it to the banks and AIG's, etc. Just one of many details Patty leaves out of her deceptive and hypocritical ads and claims.