The Seattle Times Endorses Anti-Gay, BIAW-Bought, Tim Eyman-Backing, Guns-for-Tots, Conservative-Lobby Tool for State Supreme Court


Jim Johnson - "I'm Pro-Child Soldiers"
It won't be long before that rag goes under, anyway!
The question you need to ask is how Timothy Egan stays sane sharing the bed with Joni Balter? (if he still does, he seems to report from a lot places that aren't Seattle)
I just wanted to chime in an say i really enjoy your pic Lose-Lose. :O

/oh and this guy they're endorsing sucks.
I read the "11-year-olds fought in the Civil War" thing to my wife yesterday morning, and she just about spit up her tea. As much as the DOMA/Eyman things annoy me, that quote alone will keep me from ever considering him a reasonable human being capable of making rational decisions.

However, I do wish Rumbaugh had a little more experience. Not that I won't vote for him anyway.
Too late. I already voted.

I wrote in Chris Maryatt for all the judicial races nobody endorsed in.
Cripes - even the Salt Lake Tribune is more progressive than the Seattle (Neanderthal) Times. In some places, 11-year-olds have sex too, that doesn't mean it should be made legal or lower the age of consent.
I agree though - if I fill out my ballot and then check my choices against the Times and my choices are completely opposite what they recommend, then I know I voted correctly and I can safely send in my ballot. If they are not opposite, then it's time to do a little more research on the candidates or the issues....
SIU - exactly. When my choices match, I know something might be wrong, cause the "Seattle" Times hates everything that Seattleites hold dear.
Well then, Will, I take it that you voted for McCain over the Times-endorsed Obama? Or George W. Bush over the Times-endorsed John Kerry?
No, the Times endorsed GWB.
Dom: See, the editorial board is separate from the news staff at legitimate newspapers. So the fact that the Times ed board (aka Bruce Ramsey) is nutty is of no significance. Anyway, you guys at The Stranger seem to be the only ones who care what drivel the ed board comes up with. God knows, the Seattle Times newsroom cares less.
@11: Not the second time. You can look it up.
Dom forgets about Savage's endorsement for GWB's invasion and war in Iraq.

Stupid Fucking Credulous Hack Award #2, huh Dom?
@14 That wasn't the editorial boards position though, Dan's opinion was opposed to the paper's
The Stranger has an editorial board?