Police Beat: Unalaska, Alaska Edition


Whenever I am looking at moored vessels, I always try to make my gaze seem vacant, lest it be interpreted as lustful.

And it is indeed advisable to make sure there is always a copse nearby, or at least a spinney.
Ah, the crazed, hardworking winters and summers up there. Happily blew an entire share check on a game of pool. Augh.
That is great. I am picturing three scenarios: 1) some rural or small town police cheif says to the local postman's mother in law, "hey Ethel, you used to be good writer for Reader's Digest back in 1956, why don't you write for the police blotter?" or 2) the police cheif says to his overweight 43 year old cat-loving romance-novel addicted sister in law, "hey Gina, instead of watching soap operas, why dont you write for the police blotter?" or 3) the police chief says to his retired ex-Navy father in law who watches Deadliest Catch reruns all day, "hey Pop, we need someone to write the police blotter, you up for the job?"
"An officer stopped a driver whose license she knew had been expired for approximately one decade."
I am picturing a different scenario: Key search words avoided? I dunno. Its just what I thought of first...