Tea Party Comix: Ha Ha...Ha?


I could see this one coming...

I'm sure this guy's real popular at comic conventions.
Truly fabulous. Distributed on ebay!
The grammar, syntax and spelling of the writer is authentically Tea Party.
Can the Tea Party sue this guy? What type of organization is it? Could the Republican or Democratic parties sue if somebody used their organization name like this?
Man is this guy out of touch.

Comix haven't cost $0.12 since about 1966.
The accompanying image is hilarious. Obama is putting the JLA in tiny jars to keep them from finding out where he was born? Is this all happening in the jungle? I'm confused. Also: Wonder Woman is totally freaking out!
The thing is, "Alan Keyes" is in itself a racist punchline. Keyes only exists to give racists someone to point to and say, "look, I have a black person too!" He's not a serious person.
Gallagher is this guy's ghostwriter.
So, it's a teabagger exhibiting typical teabagger behavior. What else is new?
We, as a nation, need to look at who it is that will bring us together as one and who it is that will further divide us.
Looks like a racist amatuer version of this comic.


Both are unintentional comedies that will keep you laughing for hours.
@4 No, political speech is highly protected. And the "Tea-Party" is too amorphous to bring a case anyways. There are some "official" organizations, but they are no more official than Coors is the Official Beer of Summer.

They have no standing, and they have no substantive claim.
@12 - Might be a good PR move for one of the official organizations to try though. The sooner the Tea Party can distance themselves from these idiots the sooner they can become a viable third party. There are a lot of people out there who value liberty above whatever partisan crap the two parties are trying to sell these days.
Oh come on, Paul, racist idjits have been borrowing from Crumb for years:

(from http://www.worldlingo.com/ma/enwiki/en/R… - which appears to be an older version of Crumb's current wikipedia entry)

"Crumb's racial imagery, often harking back to the extreme racial caricatures of the early 20th century, has also caused much controversy. Crumb typically defends this work by saying he is expressing the racism endemic to American culture, and that he does not endorse racism himself. In the '90s many racist groups reprinted his satirical story "When the Niggers Take Over America"Comic Link (Weirdo #28, 1993) and "When the Goddamn Jews Take Over"Comic Link (Weirdo #28, 1993), much to Crumb's dismay."

I'm not saying the Tea Party dude is directly borrowing from Crumb but it's not at all surprising he would be citing the undergrounds as antecedents.
@13, the Tea Party IS these idiots.
"A few days ago, a comic book called Tea Party Comix started showing up on the internet."

I know it's annoying to always point out dates/times, but articles *about* the comic book started appearing "a few days ago". You link to the TPM piece from 7/30 (four days ago). And that article points out that three of the issues were already floating around online.
But why doesn't anyone ever talk about the GOOD things the klan does?
@15 - You seem like a smart dude, Fnarf. Do you label the Tea Party as racists and idiots because you don't agree with the political ideology of liberty or because you genuinely believe it?
@14: It's been many years since I saw Crumb, but I seem to remember him lamenting the grief he caught from "white liberals" who misunderstood the satirical purpose of those works. I can totally picture some mouth-breathing racist watching the movie and coming away with the false impression that Crumb was on his side.
@18 Perhaps he hates truth, justice, and apple pie, as well. You should ask him.
And kittens. Fnarf despises kittens...
@18, get back to me when you gain some glimmer of a clue what "liberty" means. I.e., never. Hint: liberty has nothing whatever to do with the Tea Party nonsense, which is 100% the manifestation of clueless white folks' frustration at having it not be 1950 anymore.
@22: Unfair; They're not all people who long for the 1950s. Some of them yearn for the 1850s.

And let's not forget that many tea-baggers are simply working-class people who aspire to be rich. The type of people who want to give a tax break to millionaires because they just bought a Super Lotto ticket.
Are these birther notions ever going away? You Tea Party idiots, if you're not happy with the fact that a Hawaii birth certificate doesn't look "official", maybe you shouldn't be so adverse to "big brother" federally mandating standards in such things.