Also Now Closed: Divine


Your observations do not match my physical observations of actual restaurant openings and closings north of the Ship Canal.

Look, first rule of restaurants is the average lifespan is only about 2 years. Usually due to location, traffic, rent, and inspections/licenses.

It could be worse. It could be the Eastside - now that's a disaster zone.
I haven't eaten in a restaurant in years. I can eat for a week on what one meal costs eating out.
Divine was awesome...too bad. But Maple Leaf is filled with strapped, layoff-panicked families who spent too much on their houses (and people like Vince, who love to brag about eating Top Ramen 5 nights a week), and won't eat out unless it's cheap and kid-friendly. Divine was neither.
Terrible location.
@3 I may eat Top Ramen, but I shit diamonds!
@2,6 for the We're Fighting Two Foreign Civil Wars of Republican Adventure correct response.

Mmm, ramen.
@5 actually, the Buck is just moving closer to the core of Fremont.

Like I said, we're doing fine.
@8: the Buck in another location is not the Buck. And certainly not the core of fuckin' yuppiemont. Shitty location with clueless owner = instant fail.
Technically, if you look at this in terms of the restaurant business cycle, now is the best time to be opening a restaurant.

You've got low labor costs, cheap rents you can lock in with long leases, and a recovering economy that has dropped more than 1 pct in unemployment rates in just this past quarter. The only problem is access to capital for a small business, but President Obama would have to Trust Bust the big banks to change that.
The Stranger couldn't cover anything north of the Ship Canal even if tightwad Savage gave them free bus passes.