The Art Has Landed


I walked past a dead rat in the park on my walk to work this morning. It was on the trail between the skate-ramp-bench-thing and the crash-landed rocket ship. It had its face and stomach eaten out, but the rest of it was still in tact, fuzzy little head and body, feet frozen in the position of clawing at the sky, long ratty tail. It looked like a sculpture.
That rocket-ship one reminds me of what happened to one of my rockets when the chute didn't deploy properly. The fucker was totaled when it hit the ground, though.
This is very Burning Man. Only a few weeks left before the gigantic art show in the desert.
Casey welcomed me to sit on the surface of his unfinished sculpture while he was still cutting drilling and adding more life into this circular tilting land on land. It's a great spot to rest the weary, get lost in the clouds, and people watch the people watching you. I'm looking forward to visiting it again when the surface is covered with grass. It shall be my favorite sitting spot at the park for the summer.