City and Homeless Identify Georgtown Site as Possible Permanent Home for Nickelsville


Wouldn't Mercer Island be a better choice?
really hope some of those 'citizens' go and meet with the Nickelodeons. good folk on hard times, and times are tough all over. most folk i know are only a paycheck or few away from homelessness themselves.
@2 You need smarter friends.

So why not send this political circus to Georgetown? Sounds like a perfect place to sweep these hobo performance artists under the rug and forget about their demands for bum-tolerance.
Like I said, Mercer Island.

Send them home.
Running out of money isn't what puts you on the streets--it's running out of money and not having a single person who trusts you to sleep on their couch while you get back on your feet.
Technically, these people aren't homeless, are they?