As the Palin World Turns


Isn't that to trust but not trust? I'm pretty sure the whole trust thing should have gone out the window with the predictable failure of the "but baby, I'll pull out" experiment.
Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives...
more like the CRAZE of our lives.
"Trust but verify", yes, there's a Reagan quote for ALL your private family moments.
I wonder if she'll have "Trust, but verify" tattooed on the palm of her hand, you know, for easy reference?
I wonder when we'll stop giving a shit about Sarah Palin

Perhaps her new theme song should be Tuff Darts' "(Your Love Is Like) Nuclear Waste"...
Well of course she does have that acting career to think of.

Bristol Palin: Guest spots on ABC Family for being America's white trash cumdumpster.

@Brandon - hey hey hey now. I'm all for calling her an idiot but I think "white trash cumdumpster" is a really bit far.
This is good news, because Levi will have all this dirt on Palin to the highest bidder a few weeks after she wins the 2012 primaries.

Levi Johnston = October Surprise.
Who's for a wager on whether or not Bristol is pregnant again?

Gee, for a bunch of hypocrites who go around all day calling other people douche bags and berating other posters about "attitudes towards women", you guys collectively sound like a bunch of southern frat boys getting drunk at 4pm post-class and razzin' on the soph girls.

Wait, I take it back...southern frat boys have more decorum.
Bristol is not the enemy. She's just a not-very-bright girl from a sheltered upbringing who's not always adjusted that well to the glare of publicity.

Her mom is the enemy.
I feel sorry for Bristol.
I don't feel sorry for Bristol. A friend of mine ran cross country with her in high school and said she was a complete bitch. I'd believe it.
@12- HEY! I don't think my number belongs on that list. :(
think this news will make the cover of People, too?

it's only way to make assure that the mouthbreather voters of Murka know about it.
Just remember @12:

You created ALL OF US in YOUR image...
@12, you are my inspiration! Don't dish on us!! You're like GOD!!!!
Maybe Levi realized he just didn't have the crazy to keep up with these people.
Bristol is the enemy because she believes in taking sexual freedom from women, even though she indulges in those freedoms. Her hypocritical campaigns across the country probably confused a lot of young girls. She certainly is milking her mommy's "fame" as long as she can.
I am SHOCKED by this news. SHOCKED, SHOCKED, SHOCKED! *facepalm*
I just assumed she'd already seen his thingy, but maybe he pulled a "Playgirl" on her, too.
With plots this stupid, how is it that anyone still watches the Wasilla Hillbillies?
Mama said, "I'm going to be running for president. Dump that low-rent motherfucker or you and that bastard kid of yours are out on the street!"
"As the Palin World Turns"...

Another witty, funny post from Mudede?!

I'm still not convinced. Who did you pay to write this headline?
It amazes me what Sarah Palin can say (write, order ghostwritten, etc) without the irony making her head explode.

On the other hand, this is one of the few things that she's ever said that I can stand behind wholeheartedly. Note to Republicans - VERIFY, dammit.