Homeless Shelters Get $10,500 to Stay Open


Ball's in your court, City Hall.
Doubt it.

Everything's going to the Billionaires' Tunnel - can't you hear the Giant Sucking Sound already? Just ask people who park their cars near the waterfront - their rates are going up now.
No, Share gets $10,500 to STFU.

"it was falling $50,000 short of the funds it needed from the city to buy bus tickets for its clients and keep 11 of its 15 indoor shelters running."

Which one is it, $50k for bus tickets (their previous demand…you know, so bums can hawk them on Craigslist) or $50K to keep the shelters open?

I know some of these guys have addled their brains pretty badly with malt liquor, but either SHARE is a bunch of disingenuous assholes or disingenuous morons on this one.

Good move by McGinn, give them $11K, pat them on the head and tell them to fuck off like we did hear in Ballard.

BTW everyone remember last years' Share protest where homeless complained to the city council that Share basically told them if they wanted shelter they had to protest?
$300,000 to keep 15 shelters open for a year is not a lot of money. Seems quite reasonable.
No need to wait for city hall - donate! Maybe some kind folks who work for companies that match donations (i.e. the deathstar over in Redmond) will join in?
How much money was raised to keep the Fourth of July fireworks exploding for everyone's pleasure?

How much money was raised to keep the lowest caste people of our society from falling to the bottom of humiliation and depravity?

Priorities, People. Priorities.
@6 Falling?

Most of them jumped dude.
@6: enjoying things exploding is a priority. "our society" is bonded immeasurably by fireworks. potlatch.

I've been following this story in the Stranger and the Times, and if you're not reading closely, it's easy to come away with the impression that shelters may be closing because the city cut SHARE's funding. But as far as I can tell, that's not the case. Instead, SHARE needs an extra $50,000 on top of the $300,000 they are already receiving.

SHARE may well have some very good reason(s) for increased operating costs -- I wouldn't be surprised if they've experienced increased need, higher rents, etc. -- so why aren't we getting details about why they need more money? It's one thing to have a money crisis because your agency is suddenly receiving significantly less funding than it did the previous year. It's quite another to say "We need money pronto or shelters will close" when you're receiving just as much money as you did last year.

Millions of private and public dollars every year go to the homeless in this city alone. How'd you like a cup of shut the fuck up?

3 bedroom in Auburn, $135,000